How to be a better affiliate

Being an affiliate means that you advertise someone else’s product or service on your site for a percentage of profits. You have to put an ad on your website with a link that has a customized code to keep track of the purchases made generated from your site. You receive a percentage of the lead […]

Why an affiliate program is great for anyone who owns a blog

The best way to make the transition from “blogger” to “profitable blogger” is to use affiliate marketing within your blog content. By enrolling in the best paying affiliate programs you’ll enjoy blogging even more because you’ll have the chance to make more money by doing something that you already love. Whether you aim to create […]

How to use the Viper WordPress theme on the affiliate marketing websites

Most affiliates use WordPress themes to create affiliate marketing websites, but the main problem they all encounter is that any shop front style WordPress theme is designed to serve sites with actual eCommerce functionality. And all affiliates know that they don’t need a check out process or a basket, but a platform to get clients […]

Affiliate marketing for dummies: What you should know about affiliate programs

Being a part of an affiliate program can generate big revenues to your business, no matter what service you offer or what product you sell. But it appears that not all companies see these programs as a helpful tool. Some are afraid to enroll in an affiliate program because of some misconceptions. In this article, […]

A slots promotion that will make you a wealthy affiliate

Your target this month should be to become a wealthy affiliate! As an affiliate, you work on the internet, an environment where things move very fast and the best deals are always appreciated. News circles fast online, and the best news have their way of becoming viral. Now envision the same thing happening to a […]

Google’s Mobile Friendly algorithm and affiliate marketing

Google recently announced that its recent algorithm change will reward the sites that are optimized for mobile. This means that the mobile affiliate networks that put the user’s experience on mobile on a top place will have lots of benefits. This happened because mobile penetration is growing to 76% in the U.S. and not only, […]

A short guide to proper link building. No penalties!

The worst things that could happen to any site or blog is to be penalized by Google! It’s a nightmare for anyone who works online and relies on searches to stay relevant. Google gave guidelines about what you should and you shouldn’t do as a site owner. If you break its rules, you will find […]

Did you start to advertise this bingo promotion?

November just kicked in and it’s ready to make you a wealthy affiliate! The 11th month of the year has everything that you might need in your affiliate activity. Revenue Giants is here to give you one of the hottest bingo tournaments available in this cold month. We’re talking about the Need For Speed bingo […]

Learn affiliate marketing: What is the best traffic source?

As an affiliate, you’re constantly interested in getting traffic on your site. It’s only natural that you want to have a growing number of visitors and page views each day. When you learn affiliate marketing tips and tricks about how to get more traffic, you are told that the source of the traffic is also […]

Revenue Giants Tips for Affiliates – How to create tracking links and become a wealthy affiliate

RevenueGiants is an affiliate program that exclusively represents the Bingo and Casino brands that you can promote on your sites, guaranteeing your visitors’ reputability and yours, support and security. Our mission is to deliver premium services to everyone who benefits from our expertise. We want to turn an affiliate into a wealthy affiliate and a […]