Use email marketing for your affiliate blog

The key to driving more users to your site is to use email marketing. Aside from putting into practice what the affiliate marketing for dummies book says, there are other methods that can help you increase your traffic and generate more leads. Most of the well-known sites have a heavy traffic flow each day by […]

SEO Predictions for 2016

SEO is an important part of an affiliate’s work! Just like any other activity, SEO is a practice that’s permanently evolving. The biggest predictions for SEO’s future can be found in this article. Read them, apply them when the time is right and bookmark this article because you’ll be reading it all year. Even the […]

Why Analytics training is good for you

Analytics can easily confuse anyone. Entering the abyssal world of the analytics can be overwhelming. But once you learn how to use it properly, you’ll be able to strategize and you’ll fully understand that analytics can be the single most important aspect in your work as an affiliate. If there’s one skill that every affiliate […]

How are the best affiliate marketing sites handling the future of marketing?

To understand the future of marketing, the best affiliate marketing sites first must know how this business is conducted today. In these times, marketing is all about guiding buyers on a journey they want to take and identifying the core behaviors they want to experience on their way to becoming loyal customers. Affiliates that acknowledge […]

How to use video content to generate leads

As an affiliate, you want to generate leads! You start by looking for the best paying affiliate programs to join and, after that, you start working towards fulfilling your goal. A good way to build a good online reputation and generate lots of leads is by using video content! Sure, it may require an effort […]

How to create and maintain a healthy email list

One of the biggest challenges that affiliates who use email marketing encounter is lifting a list off the ground and then keep it growing. For the new affiliates in particular, creating a list from scratch can cause nightmares. But even the experienced and wealthy affiliates find it hard to keep a list healthy, in an […]

Learn affiliate marketing: how to get a better Gmail deliverability

Most email marketers have trouble in reaching the Inbox at Gmail. The reason behind this is still confusing and it’s almost impossible to find out why the emails aren’t reaching the inbox folder. The best way to make sure that your affiliate campaigns reach their destination is by paying attention to some pretty basic things. […]

When is the best time to Tweet?

Any affiliate marketing for dummies guide will teach you that using social media platforms is very important! Let’s be more specific and address Twitter’s best practices in this article. Twitter is used for… tweeting short messages. The social blue bird allows a maximum of 140 characters in a tweet. It means that you have very […]

Google changes the rules of the ad clicks on mobile

We’ve all done it! Scrolled on the phone and, accidentally, clicked on an ad in an article. As the ad did not close while trying to scroll past it, we kept on insisting. Most likely, the ad was located right where the thumb instinctively hits the screen to swipe upon the screen. The swipes were […]

The art of the Call-to-Action

Have you ever wondered how the best affiliate marketing sites craft their CTA’s for great marketing success? Everything depends on the context! If you know how to shift the context of a Call-To-action, you can encourage the audience to do a certain action. You’ve probably guessed that every detail counts. No one can tell you […]