Email Marketing Tips for small businesses

The transition from a small business – like an affiliate site – to a small, successful business stands in the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns that are being developed. The “big sharks” in the digital marketing industry have rock star teams that plan and execute every campaign flawlessly, but what happens if you’re an affiliate […]

She’s 8 years old and she makes $127,000 per month. How does she do it?

What if we tell you that an 8 year old girl is making a six figure check each month from her YouTube channel?! To be more precise, her channel generates around $127,777 per month in ad revenue. As unbelievable as this sounds, it’s completely true. Now leave the envy aside and see this example as […]

Learn from the experts: How to generate more traffic for your website

Generating traffic for your website is one of your main concerns when you activate in an online business. When you have lots of visitors coming to your site, your product or services have more visibility and the chances of generating leads are, automatically, higher. Ask anyone who owns a website and they’ll tell you that […]

Make sure you rank (part 2): how to remove your bad backlinks

Like we said in the previous article, having bad backlinks hurts your Google rating and it’s safe to say that you lose money. What is written in this follow up article is not something that you find out when you learn affiliate marketing by the book. But we, Revenue Giants, want to give you the […]

Make sure you rank (part 1): how to identify your bad backlinks

Low-quality backlinks hurt your ratings and if you don’t take care of them your site might receive a penalty from Google. Since this isn’t something you find out when you learn affiliate marketing, let’s see what you can do in order to ensure you have a Google friendly site that brings you profit.

What’s the deal with legal online gambling all over the world

Although online gambling is not legal in all countries, it appears that more and more nations allow their citizens to access, in one way or another, such websites from their homes. This is great news for those involved in gaming affiliate programs. As more people have access to the websites that provide paid gaming, it […]

Content: the secret weapon for generating more leads

For each and every marketer out there, no matter if we’re talking about a wealthy affiliate or person working in a marketing company, one of the main KPIs is the number of visitors to the site. While it’s extremely important to get visitors to your site, it’s even more important to get qualified prospects, as […]

How spending money on Facebook can help your business

One of the best place where you can advertise your business is, without a doubt, Facebook. Everybody uses it these days that’s why it’s a great tool to help you grow your business. The process is simple, but you must be willing to invest some money in Facebook Ads. Let’s say you are part of […]

Facebook Advertising Facts that you need to know!

Facebook is now part of our daily life and no one can deny that. While regular people use it in personal purposes, companies rely on it for advertising their services. This happens because the social platform plays a huge role in our lives. Having a good digital advertising strategy can make a difference in a […]

5 Tips On How to Create Better Affiliate Marketing Content

The saying ‘content is king’ is still very accurate. Therefore, if you want to become a strong affiliate presence, make sure you do your best to create engaging online content for the products you advertise. Take it to the next level and learn how to write relevant content for your audience. Here is our recommendation […]