Twitter is now indexed in Google’s desktop search results

Good news for all the affiliates with active Twitter accounts! The tweets posted are, from now on, shown on Google’s desktop search. The feature is available for all English language users on a global level. This is the result of a partnership between Google and Twitter which has shown its first results in May, when […]

Affiliate marketing for dummies: different types of email testing

The best way to grow and maintain your email list is to use a testing plan. There are plenty of affiliates that use email marketing to send messages to their subscribers. Some do it daily, while others do it weekly or monthly. Depending on the results of the last emails sent, you crunch your data […]

How to improve your social media reach – Part 2

As we’ve previously discussed in the first part of this article, social media has a huge influence on your work as an affiliate. The best affiliate marketing sites have picked up on this and they are adjusting their strategies accordingly. One of the best things you can do when dealing with social media platforms is […]

How to improve your social media reach – Part 1

Every single person you know has at least one social media account. Impressive, yeah, but what does this mean for your work as an affiliate? Well, it means that you can spread your message across a large audience and gain lots by doing so! Social media has redefined how we interact and how we share […]

How to use Instagram as an affiliate – Quick guide

Instagram is great! You can follow the posts of your favorite accounts or simply enjoy seeing the artistic side of specific individuals. While this social media platform is not at the top of the list when it comes to marketing, it is proving to be a real powerhouse for all kinds of affiliates, in many […]

Social Media stuff: How to make your customers happy again

Listening and responding to customers complaints is critical for the reputation of every affiliate! Handling the customer complaints as they come up is an important part of you overall work. The best affiliate sites know that customers are twice as likely to share a bad service experience as they are to share a positive one. […]

Social media facts: Google indexes less than 4% of Tweets

Placing Twitter at the top of the SEO strategy is something done by almost every wealthy affiliate out there. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if Google would give the blue bird much more credit than it currently does. Turns out that Google only indexes about 3.4% of all Tweets, according to a study conducted […]

Google Phantom update is here, have no fear!

Now and then, Google likes to surprise the world and announce some kind of changes in its methods. One of the most recent updates that the big G has made is an update that has no name, is harsh and offers no mercy to low quality content. The SEO people have named it “the Phantom […]

These lame social media tactics actually work!

Sharing original posts on social media channels is quite the challenge! We all know that you can’t possibly be super-creative all the time and that, in some cases, you must settle for basic ideas. Surprisingly or not, some of the most efficient tactics for success on social media are rather questionable in matters of quality. […]

How to get subscribers to forward your emails

There’s a certain amount of happiness and pride when you see that your content gets shared by the subscribers. You also get a sense of reassurance that your content was a high-quality one and that the people who shared it believed that other people should view it also! This translates into more visitors for you […]