Google Phantom update is here, have no fear!

Now and then, Google likes to surprise the world and announce some kind of changes in its methods. One of the most recent updates that the big G has made is an update that has no name, is harsh and offers no mercy to low quality content. The SEO people have named it “the Phantom […]

How to write and publish more casino posts on your affiliate blog

In this day and age is possible to publish twice as many casino posts as you do now on your affiliate blog. How can this be possible? By simply using some easy techniques that will help you become more organized and efficient as an affiliate. Don’t worry, it’s something that anyone can easily learn. All […]

These lame social media tactics actually work!

Sharing original posts on social media channels is quite the challenge! We all know that you can’t possibly be super-creative all the time and that, in some cases, you must settle for basic ideas. Surprisingly or not, some of the most efficient tactics for success on social media are rather questionable in matters of quality. […]

How to have more success as an affiliate blogger

The bloggers who are successful are the ones that continually want to improve themselves. They know that acquiring new knowledge and skills is the key to success and it paves the way to becoming a wealthy affiliate. Paying attention to your craft is a sure way to make people notice your work and turn them […]

How to create a successful SEO strategy for your affiliate site

Affiliate marketing has evolved in the past few years. The technology has changed and some of the basics have also changed, but the biggest evolution is in terms of strategy! If you want to learn affiliate marketing strategies you first must understand that the specifics change from site to site, but some of the standard […]

The effect of Google’s “mobile-friendly” algorithm in affiliate marketing

How does the “mobile-friendly” algorithm affect affiliate marketing? How are the top affiliate networks handling the changes that Google made in its algorithms? It all began this spring, when the internet giant changed the rules of search engine results pages (SERP). Now, the sites that are mobile-friendly are “liked” by Google. Because the smartphone penetration […]

Essential elements of a modern website

The online landscape has been flooded with an abundance of new technologies and tools in the past decade. The affiliates who worked to keep their sites up to date with the new trends have seen their efforts rewarded through lots of opportunities for exposure and traffic. You too can be a wealthy affiliate if you […]

How to get subscribers to forward your emails

There’s a certain amount of happiness and pride when you see that your content gets shared by the subscribers. You also get a sense of reassurance that your content was a high-quality one and that the people who shared it believed that other people should view it also! This translates into more visitors for you […]

Email ideas that boost CTR’s

Email marketing is a tool that helps you acquire new customers and, also, increase the value of the existing ones. So far, so simple! The real struggle begins when you start to optimize your email campaigns. You can always follow the indications presented in affiliate marketing for dummies books, but there are far more things […]

Stats and facts about email and mobile marketing

Online marketing is a place where new tools are introduced on a regular basis. Even so, most of the wealthy affiliates know that email is one of the best tools for lead generation. It is always effective and this article explains why email marketing beats any other channel at generating leads. With so much pressure […]