Use these methods and gain more Twitter followers

You noticed that Twitter is a social media channel that works for your affiliate site! Now, you want to increase the followers on your Twitter account without paying money on advertising? As all the top affiliate networks know, investing in organic growth on Twitter takes time, consistency and commitment. But the effort is worth it […]

Resolutions you should make to increase site conversions

A sure way to become a wealthy affiliate is to increase your affiliate site conversions! Turning visitors into loyal customers is now easier than ever thanks to the numerous opportunities that affiliate marketing has to offer. Don’t be overwhelmed by the possibilities, instead, learn how to use them to your advantage! To simplify that process […]

Revenue Giants Tips for Affiliates – Must read

As you probably know by now, Revenue Giants is the best affiliate program designed specifically to meet the needs of casino and bingo affiliates 365 days a year! We want to help all of our partners become wealthy affiliates. Our team of affiliate managers are at your service to provide all the information you need. […]

Google is sending less traffic to Wikipedia

The signals are clear: Google started sending less traffic to Wikipedia than it had a few months ago. While Wikipedia’s representatives aren’t very concerned about this phenomenon, the top affiliate networks are not too relaxed about what’s happening. In the last six months, the organic traffic from Google to Wikipedia had declined a massive 40%! […]

How important are the images in content marketing?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is very accurate in the case of content marketing! There isn’t an affiliate marketing for dummies book that could deny the importance of imagery in content marketing. To thrive and prosper in today’s highly competitive environment, you must adapt to what the viewers want. […]

Over-optimization can hurt your rankings

You can easily fall victim to over-optimizing your affiliate site without realizing it. Even the handlers of the best affiliate marketing sites feel that they aren’t over-optimizing their website as long as they aren’t stuffing keywords into every field on their site. We will explain what over-optimization means and how you can avoid it. After […]

Learn affiliate marketing: how to use social signals and improve content performance

The first thing you should know when you learn affiliate marketing is that content, the social side and search rankings are related! When you’re trying to improve search rankings and content, you must think of the three elements previously mentioned: content, social and search. While the power of the social signals has been under a […]

A slots promotion that will make you a wealthy affiliate

Being an affiliate means that you have plenty of opportunities to make money. If you think that the old ways won’t open new doors, think again! Online slots, the upgraded version of the classic fruit machines, are some very popular games among the people who like to do their gaming online! The slots are, still, […]

Information about YouTube Gaming that the best affiliate marketing sites should know

Google has launched YouTube Gaming, a gaming-focused video streaming service. The service is available on the web and also on Android and iOS apps. YT gaming is designed to be a one stop shop for people who look for gaming video content. Although it doesn’t involve their activity directly, the best affiliate marketing sites should […]

Long tail keywords – how to use them correctly

SEO works with single word keywords, concept keywords and long tail keywords. The long tail keywords have been an important part of optimization, ever since keywords have existed in the first place. As the affiliate marketing for dummies books may have taught you, single word and concept keywords are too short. There is a lot […]