How to optimize your Twitter for Google search

A great way to increase the traffic on your affiliate blog is to get more exposure to your Twitter account. To do that, you have to apply a few SEO tactics to your Twitter marketing strategy. By following these simple steps, your Twitter account will show up in both Twitter’s and Google’s search. It’s time […]

A Judge ruled: “Poker is a game of chance!”

Classifying the game of poker was always a big issue. There are voices that say that poker is a game of skill, while other sustain the idea that poker is definitely a game of chance. While each of these theories has substantial evidence that show their credibility, we have never heard a clear opinion about […]

Top News from Revenue Giants

After a hot and, we hope, pleasurable summer, it’s time to get back to business and start collecting those affiliate leads! To make things easier, Revenue Giants is here to offer you a quick review of the best promotions that can be found on our partners’ websites this September! If you can pitch these games […]

How to improve your affiliate content

Sometimes, even if you have a top notch content marketing strategy, things aren’t moving in the direction you want them to go. If this is the case, it’s time to ask yourself what’s wrong and after that, start making some changes. As many affiliate marketing for dummies books have shown, content marketing is a tough […]

A new strategy: use social media and SEO together!

If there’s something that the top affiliate networks have learned is that social media has a big impact on the success of their SEO strategy. The number of affiliates who are aware of the synergy between these two tools is rising. Still, most of them aren’t using SEO and social media collaboratively. It’s time to […]

Learn affiliate marketing right now: how to generate traffic from social media sources

One of the biggest problems that affiliates face in their work is getting enough traffic to their sites. While there is plenty of information that can help you learn affiliate marketing tips and tricks about generating traffic, it seems that the key to this stands in a change of mentality. One of the most important […]

Do these things and you’ll be a successful affiliate!

The most successful people in this world create things that are valuable to others. The value of their work can be seen in the revenue they receive and in the positive feedback they get from the general public. We all want to be successful in what we do, we all want to make more money, […]

Did you start to advertise this bingo promotion?

As you may have noticed by now, September is the month of change. Apart from the beginning of a new season, another important thing happens during the 9th month of the year: the kids go back to school! It’s an important event in the life of many people. Even online bingo sites are getting involved […]

The Chinese authorities have arrested 15,000 for Internet-related crimes

The Chinese authorities decided to “clean up the internet” and took aim at the internet gaming operators and other businesses that operate online. Their latest action resulted in thousands of arrests across the country. How is this of any concern for the top affiliate networks? Well, for the next six months, the Chinese government will […]

Learn affiliate marketing: SEO tools that will help you track your Google keyword rankings

Using SEO in your strategy as an affiliate means that you also have to track your Google keyword rankings. This may seem like a nerve wrecking job, but, thankfully, there are plenty of tools that you can use to make your task easier. The tools we’re talking about are used by SEO professionals and also […]