How Can Affiliate Sites Rank Well According To Google?

Google made it clear that it likes affiliate sites! Contrary to the popular belief that Google doesn’t rank affiliate sites, the representatives of the company explained that they actually like to index such sites, just not the bad quality ones. This is the general rule that Google applies when it decides if a site is […]

How to use social media as an affiliate

In this day and age, nothing is more important in affiliate marketing than diversification. An affiliate must find a way to combine and use the tools available all over the internet. Social media is a powerful source of traffic and leads in marketing and it works perfectly with affiliate marketing. Here are a few ways […]

Google is sending less traffic to Wikipedia

The signals are clear: Google started sending less traffic to Wikipedia than it had a few months ago. While Wikipedia’s representatives aren’t very concerned about this phenomenon, the top affiliate networks are not too relaxed about what’s happening. In the last six months, the organic traffic from Google to Wikipedia had declined a massive 40%! […]

No support! Pinterest Bans All Affiliate Marketing Links

Pinterest, the online board for ideas and inspiration, is not a fan of affiliate marketing! The site has taken direct actions against affiliate marketing in general and it does not tolerate this practice on its platform. The rule is a general one, it includes everything that is related to this marketing niche and it affects […]

A slots promotion that will make you a wealthy affiliate

What’s the first thing that comes through your mind when you think about the month of October? Most of you have thought of Halloween, of course! For some reason, most people associate the tenth month of the year with the Trick or Treat event. Because many people are interested in this Halloween, you can start […]

Do this and you’ll have the best affiliate marketing site!

Are you satisfied with the current state of your affiliate site? Does it get you leads and do those leads generate sales? No matter what your answer is, you can always learn affiliate marketing practices that will help your affiliate site stand out from the rest. To make a change and improve the overall aspect […]

The importance of blogs for affiliates

If you’re at the beginning of your affiliate experience, getting a website up and running seems like a tough job to do. Having to study all of those affiliate marketing for dummies books and learning all kinds of new stuff, it all may feel like an enormous task. Yes, it’s very tempting to build a […]

The future of marketing: Predictions

You’ve worked hard as an affiliate and now you have reached another phase: the phase of being a wealthy affiliate! To continue to be on top of the game and earn good amount of money by working as an affiliate, you must be up to date with everything that’s happening in this marketing niche. Marketing […]

Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches! How to deal with this as an affiliate

Considering the evolution of mobile in recent years, the best affiliate marketing sites have to be fully mobile friendly. Recent news in the industry made it apparent that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries, including the United States and Japan.” Keep this in mind when you rethink […]

Did you start to advertise this bingo promotion?

October is the perfect month to have fun and play tricks on your dear ones! The fall is already well settled in and most people are getting ready for the biggest event of the season: Halloween! Some start thinking about what to wear on that spooky night, and some think about what kind of candy […]