How to be a better affiliate

Being an affiliate means that you advertise someone else’s product or service on your site for a percentage of profits. You have to put an ad on your website with a link that has a customized code to keep track of the purchases made generated from your site. You receive a percentage of the lead […]

How to use the Viper WordPress theme on the affiliate marketing websites

Most affiliates use WordPress themes to create affiliate marketing websites, but the main problem they all encounter is that any shop front style WordPress theme is designed to serve sites with actual eCommerce functionality. And all affiliates know that they don’t need a check out process or a basket, but a platform to get clients […]

How to use an online video to your advantage

Online videos are often used to illustrate the message you want to send to your audience. While funny videos are everybody’s cup of tea and they can easily go viral, it’s proven that the informative videos don’t have the same impact on the audience. It’s important to know when, how and where to use a […]

Affiliate marketing for dummies: How to get better engagement on social media

As you already know, social media channels are extremely important to any activity that’s conducted online. Social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter help you promote your work and reach a wide audience. If a viewer is satisfied with the content you have to offer, your rate of investment will be great. Still, social media […]

The future of mobile content for affiliates

Everybody’s talking about mobile and its influence on marketing in general. Now that everyone knows how important it is to have a mobile friendly site, it’s time to have a fresh approach on the mobile strategy. A mobile affiliate network needs to be able to plan what’s next in mobile content, to make sure it […]

The best affiliate sites know this: SEO myths you shouldn’t believe

The Search Engine Optimization techniques represent the ground of online branding, so it’s no wonder that lots of businesses rely on them to create successful marketing strategies. So far so good, but, as you may already know, you can come across a multitude of myths, tall-tales or outright lines about SEO. If you rely on […]

Email Marketing Tips for small businesses

The transition from a small business – like an affiliate site – to a small, successful business stands in the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns that are being developed. The “big sharks” in the digital marketing industry have rock star teams that plan and execute every campaign flawlessly, but what happens if you’re an affiliate […]

Make sure you rank (part 2): how to remove your bad backlinks

Like we said in the previous article, having bad backlinks hurts your Google rating and it’s safe to say that you lose money. What is written in this follow up article is not something that you find out when you learn affiliate marketing by the book. But we, Revenue Giants, want to give you the […]

Make sure you rank (part 1): how to identify your bad backlinks

Low-quality backlinks hurt your ratings and if you don’t take care of them your site might receive a penalty from Google. Since this isn’t something you find out when you learn affiliate marketing, let’s see what you can do in order to ensure you have a Google friendly site that brings you profit.

She’s 8 years old and she makes $127,000 per month. How does she do it?

What if we tell you that an 8 year old girl is making a six figure check each month from her YouTube channel?! To be more precise, her channel generates around $127,777 per month in ad revenue. As unbelievable as this sounds, it’s completely true. Now leave the envy aside and see this example as […]