How to create and maintain a healthy email list

One of the biggest challenges that affiliates who use email marketing encounter is lifting a list off the ground and then keep it growing. For the new affiliates in particular, creating a list from scratch can cause nightmares. But even the experienced and wealthy affiliates find it hard to keep a list healthy, in an […]

Learn affiliate marketing: how to get a better Gmail deliverability

Most email marketers have trouble in reaching the Inbox at Gmail. The reason behind this is still confusing and it’s almost impossible to find out why the emails aren’t reaching the inbox folder. The best way to make sure that your affiliate campaigns reach their destination is by paying attention to some pretty basic things. […]

Google changes the rules of the ad clicks on mobile

We’ve all done it! Scrolled on the phone and, accidentally, clicked on an ad in an article. As the ad did not close while trying to scroll past it, we kept on insisting. Most likely, the ad was located right where the thumb instinctively hits the screen to swipe upon the screen. The swipes were […]

The art of the Call-to-Action

Have you ever wondered how the best affiliate marketing sites craft their CTA’s for great marketing success? Everything depends on the context! If you know how to shift the context of a Call-To-action, you can encourage the audience to do a certain action. You’ve probably guessed that every detail counts. No one can tell you […]

Simple ideas to do a better SEO in 2016

A new year brings with itself ambitious plans and resolutions. But as the first days of January pass by, the promises we made in the magic night between the years tend to be forgotten. This is the regular path of the life changing decisions made in our personal life. It’s not something that should happen […]

How to diversify your affiliate content

When a new year begins, people usually make plans and predictions for the 12 months that will unfold. These schemes are usually made about personal dreams and wishes, but there are plenty of us who think about their professional. Having ambitions regarding your career as an affiliate is perfectly normal, some may say it is […]

Learn Google AdWords without getting certified

Knowing how to work with Google AdWords is beneficial for everyone who works as an affiliate. But not everyone is willing to invest its efforts and time in getting an AdWords certification. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which you can learn AdWords without getting certified! The affiliates can see this as a great […]

Be the affiliate that gives visitors quality. They will love you!

What do we all have in common these days? We share our experiences on the internet! But people are now much more selective when they use the social media platforms. They want to save time by only seeing the things that truly interest them. No one has the patience to read long stories that don’t […]

A list of 99 important SEO ranking factors

Everyone who owns a website and wants to generate traffic on it is using SEO. From the top affiliate networks to a brand new beauty blogger, everyone does a bit of search engine optimization, voluntarily or not. These factors determine how a search engine like Google will rank your affiliate site as compared to your […]

Google: high-quality sites explained

Everybody tells you that Google loves a high-quality site. Everyone who works in digital marketing has heard this line at least once by now. There are general guidelines about how to create a high-quality website, but no one can tell you for sure if those are authentic or not. The only one who can say […]