A short guide to proper link building. No penalties!

The worst things that could happen to any site or blog is to be penalized by Google! It’s a nightmare for anyone who works online and relies on searches to stay relevant. Google gave guidelines about what you should and you shouldn’t do as a site owner. If you break its rules, you will find your site being penalized for faulty behavior. When you learn affiliate marketing guidelines, you are being told that link building is one of the fastest way to get penalized. It most certainly is! Let’s see how you can avoid sink you rankings and create a legitimate link building strategy.

Revenue Giants teaches you how to learn affiliate marketing

General stuff about link building

The best way to learn affiliate marketing guidelines about link building is by looking at what Google has to say in its general rules.

  • It is important for your blog to receive links from a site that is trustworthy. If the source that is linking you seems shady, the links coming from that place have no value;
  • As an affiliate, the best links for you are the ones coming from other sites in your domain of expertise. Needless to say that the big name sin the industry give the best links, while the small sites give not so valuable credentials;
  • To learn affiliate marketing the right way, you should know that it’s also important where the link that’s pointed to you is placed on the web page. The worst ones are the hidden links, while the links placed in the footer of the site are less useful. The most valuable ones are the ones placed in content and the second place goes to the links placed in the informational sidebars;
  • To be considered a link, the address has to pass traffic through it. Still, if you have a back link on a valuable site, but no one clicks on it, it still has value;
  • Anchor text. The anchor text is the actual text you click to access the link. It was a big deal back in the days and it still holds a great deal of importance, but in a more negative way. It’s time for you to learn affiliate marketing the right way and understand that with the popularity of long tail keywords, the flow of the text has been ruined. Today, the most important thing about an anchor text is that it isn’t an exact match keyword.

In conclusion

Another thing that counts when other give you backlinks is the variety of pages linking to your site. If you have 1,000 high quality backlinks is great, but if all are from the same website, it will not be good. Learn affiliate marketing and resume only to truthful tactics when it comes to link building. It’s all in your best interest!