A slots promotion that will make you a wealthy affiliate

Your target this month should be to become a wealthy affiliate! As an affiliate, you work on the internet, an environment where things move very fast and the best deals are always appreciated. News circles fast online, and the best news have their way of becoming viral. Now envision the same thing happening to a slots tournament that you promote on your affiliate blog! How would that make you feel? Like a wealthy affiliate and a happy affiliate, indeed!

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What can you promote?

If there’s one thing that caught our eye these days is a slots promotion hosted by one of our partners. We want to tell you some more about this online event that can be beneficial to you. The Wild Seven Showdown is an online slots tournament that is available on BingoHall from November 9th and runs until November 15th. Being one of the main events promoted by BingoHall at the moment, it means that it has a lot of exposure and lots of people are accessing it.

Why should you promote it?

The Wild Seven Showdown is an event that requires simple things that all online slots players know all too well: a minimum deposit, follow the basic rules and get lucky! What’s so exciting about this slots event? The prizes! These are the cash prizes that are waiting to be won: $500, $700, $1,000 and the big prize of $2,500. The players can also enjoy bonuses according to their VIP status. These can range from $150 to $500.

Big prizes attract people. They want to join, they want to play and, of course, they want to win. By promotion this event on your affiliate site, you’ll have to mention that the viewers have to play the Wild Seven online slots game to collect points. For every 41 they deposit into their account, they will receive 1 tournament point. More points equals more chances at taking home the big prize. Yes, it’s that simple!

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