A slots promotion that will make you a wealthy affiliate

Being an affiliate means that you have plenty of opportunities to make money. If you think that the old ways won’t open new doors, think again! Online slots, the upgraded version of the classic fruit machines, are some very popular games among the people who like to do their gaming online! The slots are, still, some of the most loved online games. Knowing what game or site to promote can turn you into a wealthy affiliate in no time! To make things much easier, we will give you an example of a promotion that is currently being held at one of our partner sites. It’s all written in this article!

Is the infinite scrolling design good for the best affiliate site?

The Clash of Gladiators Tournament

Let’s go way back in time and think of the gladiators! The power of those mighty men is still “visible” today, but from a different point of view! The ancient fighters can be found in the Clash of Gladiators Tournament hosted by our partner, Vic’s Bingo, between September 21st and September 27th. The gladiators were some of the most respected and admired men in ancient times, and everybody wanted to get some lessons of strength from them. Something similar happens with the wealthy affiliates also! All the other affiliates want to know how they got so successful! Well, there’s one thing they all have in common: they promoted successful slots games! It’s something that you can do yourself by endorsing the Clash of Gladiators Tournament!

The viewers will definitely be attracted to the theme of the online slots tournament and the fiery game will keep them captivated for the whole week! The gentlemen will secretly wish they were gladiators, while the ladies will dream of a gladiator love interest! Bottom line: everybody loves the gladiators!

The Glorious Rome and the wealthy affiliate

The star of this online slots tournament is the Glorious Rome game. If there’s one thing for which Ancient Rome is famous, that would be the tremendous wealth and opulence! While we want you to become a wealthy affiliate by promoting the best online slots game, we don’t recommend becoming opulent.

The players that will accept the challenge of Rome’s gladiators will be rewarded based on their VIP levels. Let’s just say that the prizes are… divine! The big prize reaches the $2,500 mark, while second place is rewarded with $1,000 cash! 3rd place is not bad at all, with $700 cash to be won! There are plenty of other prizes that are waiting to be won by a lucky modern gladiator! It can even be someone you sent to Vic’s Bingo! You’d both be winners in this case: you as a successful affiliate, while he or she as a happy winner!

Wrapping things up

You can find all the information about The Clash of Gladiators Tournament by simply accessing Vic’s Bingo! If you have any other question or you simply want to get in touch with us, send an email to this address: [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you! We wish all of our affiliates a good, productive week!