Affiliate marketing for dummies: The best tactics for content distribution

The reality is harsh: you can have the best content in the world, but if you don’t share it in places where interested people can see it, all your efforts are in vain! The best example is what happens every day on the social media channels we all use. The posts that are heavily promoted aren’t the best ones, some are not only badly written, but also shamelessly copied from other sources. This is what happens while your content remains anonymous and barely read by anyone! But there’s good news for the affiliates who want to resurrect their content! There are things that can be done to bring your content into the spotlight and gain lots of leads! As the affiliate marketing for dummies book would suggest: it’s time to start promoting your work! These are the best social marketing tactics for content distribution:

Content distribution and the affiliate marketing fopr dummies book

Promote on social forums and communities

There are lots of social forums and communities where you can share your content! The only struggle for you, as an affiliate, is to select the ones suited for you, according to your industry and audience:

  • Generic forums: LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Communities, Subreddits and Quora;
  • Industry specific forums: Growth Hackers,, Hacker News, Designer News and others.

Repost on social syndicates

The general guidelines of the affiliate marketing for dummies book tell you to look for outlets that are designed to reshare content. One of the best places to do such thing is Medium, an outlet that allows you to post anything, whether you share an entire post word for word or create a condensed or customized version. The website has a big fan base: around 17 million unique visitors each month and that number keeps on growing! Sharing Medium posts is really easy thanks to its Twitter integration. If you want to maximize the power of your tweets, you should know when the best time to tweet is! Read all about it in this article.

The same can be said for LinkedIn Pulse. If your content will get featured, it will reach a lot of people who may then go and look for your name on LinkedIn as well. Studies have shown that Pulse posts get better results when they are targeted on topics that LinkedIn users care about: timely news, self-improvement, business tips or career advices.

Post and repost on your own social profiles

Once your content is created, you share it on your own social media profiles, just like the affiliate marketing for dummies book has taught you. But are you reposting that same content on a regular basis? This practice is very important, especially on Twitter, where the average “life” of a post is quite short (around 18 minutes).

If you’re afraid of annoying your audience, don’t repost everything. Instead, reshare only the successful posts, because they have already proven their efficacy.

Add a click-to-tweet in your content

Click-to-tweet is a tool that allows you to make sharing easier for your readers. All they have to do is click twice and they’ve distributed your content! This tool also gives you more control over what the people share. You can personalize the post to say exactly what you want it to say. You can even add a trackable link, which can be extremely helpful for affiliates! Although the affiliate marketing for dummies book doesn’t say anything about the Click-to-tweet option, you can easily use it to promote your affiliate work. You can also tag your Twitter account so your name gets credit for your content.

The conclusion

As an affiliate, do what the affiliate marketing for dummies book has taught you, but keep your mind open for new practices! Your marketing content’s performance has so much to do with how you distribute it as it does with the effort you put in to create it. Take advantage of the social media channels presented in this article and gain more visibility for your work!