Affiliate marketing for dummies: What you should know about affiliate programs

Being a part of an affiliate program can generate big revenues to your business, no matter what service you offer or what product you sell. But it appears that not all companies see these programs as a helpful tool. Some are afraid to enroll in an affiliate program because of some misconceptions. In this article, we’ll try to clarify those myths and explain affiliate marketing for dummies:


Time Management Tips for Your Affiliate Business

An affiliate program will automatically generate more sales

This statement is not entirely true. In order for the affiliate program to be highly effective, the affiliate program needs to provide you, the partner, with: promotional materials, information about the products or services, graphics and proved sales copy. A productive affiliate program is built in time and it requires efforts.

Having affiliates means that you actually lose money

Some may think that if you have affiliates, as a company, you lose money on sales that you would have happened anyway. To explain this in terms of affiliate marketing for dummies, you have to understand that having affiliates gives a company the opportunity to penetrate niche markets. The affiliates open new doors for businesses and help them place their product or service on new markets! To make things even clearer, successful affiliates help businesses reach new audiences. The experienced affiliates already know what certain markets want in terms of products or services and businesses can have huge benefits from their expertise.

The cost of AdWords will increase

Word is that your AdWords costs will increase because companies will be competing against their own affiliates. It’s true that some companies that operate online don’t care if their affiliates spend more money on AdWords, but this is not a general rule. Translated into affiliate marketing for dummies, this means that you are free to dictate the terms of your contract so that you are satisfied with it. Keep in mind that businesses and their affiliates are on the same side, and they work together to reach the same goal. This is not a competition, but a team effort.

A bad affiliate will do damage

Using unprofessional tactics will hurt any business, no questions about it. But, as we mentioned in the previous affiliate marketing for dummies example, companies can be specific about what an affiliate can and cannot do when it represents them.


In conclusion

An affiliate program is designed to work in your favor, but you must be willing to invest in it. Don’t believe every myth you read or hear, instead do you own research and decide for yourself if the spread untruths have a real base.