Be the affiliate that gives visitors quality. They will love you!

What do we all have in common these days? We share our experiences on the internet! But people are now much more selective when they use the social media platforms. They want to save time by only seeing the things that truly interest them. No one has the patience to read long stories that don’t really have a message. This general behavior is making things harder for the affiliates who try to promote their work on social media channels. As an update to our affiliate marketing for dummies series of articles, we will show you why quality is more important than the quantity.

Affiliate marketing for dummies guide on quality


Give credit

Start off by letting people know that you enjoyed reading a particular article, or any piece of information. You won’t sound weak by any means, just aware that you don’t have all the answers; that’s a classic affiliate marketing for dummies tip. Why? Because you create a connection with them since, just like them, you are crediting others for learning new ideas.

Build an opinion

Find a trustworthy news source that is suited for your niche and work it in your favor. How can you do that as an affiliate? Read a story about the niche you activate in and summarize it in an article. To generate leads, add some action items which encourage your audience not only to read the article but also take an additional action that works in your favor. For example, you can write about how you read some interesting facts in an affiliate marketing for dummies book and how you applied them, redirecting people to more of your affiliate work – or to that affiliate marketing for dummies guide, through your affiliate link!

Give them useful information

When you find a useful story that you think it’s relevant for you audience, don’t be afraid to share it on your Facebook Page! Add your own comments along with it. This action will show your audience that you take time to post interesting information. Bonus tip: you can use articles posted on your marketer’s website.

More personal

No matter if you’re posting on Facebook or simply creating articles for your affiliate site, try using your own pictures and not generic stock photos. Pictures create a great story and readers are genuinely interested in your work if you give them something real to look at.

Get you content shared

If you didn’t know from the affiliate marketing for dummies book, LinkedIn Pulse is a great place to work at getting your content shared. The site’s feature looks at stories and may select your article, place it in one of its categories if the information you shared is very useful.

Wrapping things up

Share your experiences on your affiliate site, give them examples, stories and reviews so that they can relate to you. Sharing the same passion for certain things is a good way to connect with quality people. The same audience will eventually trust you and click on the products or services that you recommend!