Can your affiliate site rank without SEO?

Not everybody understands the power that SEO has in today’s era. To make things even more confusing, you can find plenty of affiliate marketing sites that have enormous traffic without even knowing what SEO stands for. When you learn affiliate marketing practices, you are told about the importance of the search engine optimization. But it seems that not all sites are interesting in using this method. So, how do they do it? Let’s break this down:

Learn affiliate marketing practices from another point of view

Low competition keywords

Every gaming-oriented affiliate knows that the long tail keyword is working smoothly when used properly. It appears that the sites that rank very good, without using SEO, are focused on very low competition keywords. There is less actual competition on the far end of the long tail and, also, Google doesn’t update for those terms as often as it does for more popular terms. Apparently, taking the less busy road to success actually pays off! To learn affiliate marketing practices and, also, how to create a successful SEO strategy for your affiliate site read this article.

Older is better

If there’s one thing that all sites that rank without SEO have in common is this: the age. Google knows good manners and always respects the senior sites and gives them a big boost in its rankings. Those elderly web addresses are seen as authority sites. The sites have been active for at least five years, have a good link profile and lots of quality content. You can easily learn affiliate marketing practices from another point of view if you take your time to study them. It’s obvious that you can’t become just like them in an instant, but you can still learn good things from them. Another strong point that the old sites had a slow ascent towards success. This is something that is very appreciated by the search algorithms, as they love sites with a steady growth as opposed to those who “burst into flames” in an instant.

Quality content

When you talk about SEO, it’s impossible to leave out the word content! It would be like Tom without Jerry, and that is not acceptable! There’s no need to learn affiliate marketing tactics to know that content is an absolute must for any site, whether they’re implementing SEO strategies or not. These SEO-less successful stories come from sites that have quality content that’s on the same page with what the best of their peers are doing in the industry. No one can fool Google with bad content. The Google Panda algorithm is the worst enemy that a bad site can possible have. More about the effects that Google Panda has on an affiliate site can be found in this article.

Bring it all together

Yes, you can rank your affiliate site without a SEO strategy, but the work is similar, if not harder, than if you were doing a proper SEO on your site. It’s up to you to decide how you create and maintain your affiliate site, but remember that SEO is a method of the present and all of the best affiliate sites are using it! To learn affiliate marketing strategies about how to best use SEO for your affiliate site read this article. Good luck!