Email marketing is better than social media in generating leads! Why?

Most of the top affiliate networks today can’t afford to not have social media presence. Social platforms allow them to create a genuine relationship with their customers and also find out what people are saying about their brand. The benefits of social media are countless and there’s no real reason why these platforms shouldn’t be used. Although affiliates use social media to share their content, it seems that the online platforms don’t perform well when it comes to lead generation. The champion at generating leads is an old channel: email marketing!

How the top affiliate network use email marketing

The good ol’ email

A study from 2014 revealed that email conversion rates are 40 times higher compared to Facebook and Twitter combined! The email is the best leads generating channel for a number of reasons:

  • An email allows you, the affiliate, to say more. The top affiliate networks use the email because the virtual letter does not have any character limitations (like Twitter for example). An email will never restrict you to 140 characters. Sure, an email has to be concise as well, but it doesn’t say right from the start what you can’t do. To generate leads, you need to say more than a couple of sentences;
  • It stands out. The dynamic of social media channels can be both a gift and a curse for the top affiliate networks. While it’s great that lots of content is shared daily on, let’s say, Facebook, it can also mean that making yourself stand out is much harder. For example, Facebook has over 500 million active users of whom 50% log in on a daily basis. Everyone is competing for attention on Facebook and because of its high volume of shared information, so only a fraction of your fans actually see what you post. In numbers, only 2 to 6% of the people who liked your page see your activity in their news feed. It’s very easy to miss on important updates;
  • The email audience already knows you. The people in your email base willingly gave you their contact details because they wanted to hear more from you. You made an impression on them and by doing so, you’ve created a deeper level of engagement and trust. The top affiliate networks know that a social media follow or like is not as powerful as an email opt-in. A social follow is more passive than wanting to receive regular updates on email. A regular person can like and follow hundreds of pages on Facebook, but will only give its contacts to a selected number of email sign-ups.
  • The email clicks. The open rates for email marketing messages is at around 20-25%. Like we previously mentioned, a Facebook post generally reaches up to 6% of the followers, no matter if it’s posted by the top affiliate networks or a local florist. By doing a basic math’s calculation we can see that the email is 4 times more effective than Facebook. Also, click though rates are at a 3% in an email and at a 0.5 range on Twitter. Pretty impressive for the email oldie!

The social is for socializing

Even if the email marketing campaigns perform overall better than the social media campaigns, the top affiliate networks aren’t giving up on the online platforms. The advice is to rethink your approach towards the social platforms you use to promote your affiliate content. Also, be aware of the limitations you have. Accept that social platforms are better suited for creating brand awareness and giving customer support. Don’t try to use social media solely for generating leads because this strategy will blow up in your face! Share interesting content for your followers because it’s easier to create an emotion on social platforms than to generate a sale.

In conclusion

The natural advice is to promote your affiliate content on every possible platform! Still, you must know from the very start what results you should expect from every single one of them. Take the necessary time to study every platform you use and make an accordingly plan for every single one of them. It’s what all of the top affiliate networks do to be successful! Good luck!