Essential elements of a modern website

The online landscape has been flooded with an abundance of new technologies and tools in the past decade. The affiliates who worked to keep their sites up to date with the new trends have seen their efforts rewarded through lots of opportunities for exposure and traffic. You too can be a wealthy affiliate if you work in keeping your site up to date! Don’t allow it to become outdated because, if it’s missing on some of the latest features, it can even be penalized! To avoid that situation, let’s see what the essential elements of a modern website are:

Becoming a wealthy affiliate - elements of a modern site

Mobile friendly

Needless to say that having a mobile friendly site is crucial for anyone trying to become a wealthy affiliate! Users have shifted their attention from desktop to mobile more than ever and they expect to have a good experience on a functional mobile site. Google, the lead influencer over all things that are internet-related has changed its algorithms and boosted the search rankings of mobile-friendly websites on search results. You need to have a mobile-friendly site so that you can avoid the loss of potential traffic and also a penalization caused by a poor mobile functionality.

Integrating social media features

A very hot and evolving topic is the social media environment. If you want to be a wealthy affiliate, you must recognize the power of social media platforms. By incorporating social buttons into your website, you can reach potential viewers and interact with them in more ways than ever before! Everyone is using at least one social media channel these days! Think of this as a form of free promotion and marketing strategy for your site.

Great content

The goal of every site should be to deliver excellent quality to its viewers. By offering great content, your site can improve its reputation and the result is seen in increased visitors, leads and also SEO benefits. Every wealthy affiliate knows this! A good site should feature content that visitors expect to find when they access a certain page. Otherwise, the visitors will leave the site before viewing more content, which is translated into the loss of visitors and also the loss of leads.

Performance and speed

Viewers today don’t have the patience to wait for a site to load. People are impatient, and waiting for a site or any other media to load its content can cause the loss of visitors. It’s important that your bandwidth limits and storage space are adequate for your site. If you’re looking to become or stay a wealthy affiliate, monitor your bandwidth caps and storage space, to determine if their limits can be adjusted to the site’s needs.

In conclusion

Every site has its own needs when it comes to design. The most important thing is to know your site, what its purpose is and how you want to develop it. As a wealthy affiliate, you need to know what works best for you and stick to those practices by adapting them to the actual trends of the niche you work in! Good luck!