Google is sending less traffic to Wikipedia

The signals are clear: Google started sending less traffic to Wikipedia than it had a few months ago. While Wikipedia’s representatives aren’t very concerned about this phenomenon, the top affiliate networks are not too relaxed about what’s happening. In the last six months, the organic traffic from Google to Wikipedia had declined a massive 40%! Because the difference was hard to ignore, there were plenty of SEO experts who thought that the site had been hit by a Panda penalty. Read more about how Google Panda can affect your affiliate site.

The top affiliate networks and Google's algorithms

Google, Wikipedia and the top affiliate networks

In just three months, Wikipedia received 250 million fewer visitors compared to the same time last year. The officials of the free encyclopedia know about this, but they are not at all concerned about the new strategy that Google has adopted. For the top affiliate networks, things aren’t so simple.

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, said that the casual end-users still get what they want and need from Wikipedia from Knowledge Graph snippets and that the hardcore Wiki users know where to go directly to the pages they need.

“Many folks just want date of birth, death, and a celebrity overview – rather than the generally hard-to-read, massive articles which all-too-often dominate Wikipedia. We expect Google-driven traffic to go down substantially more in the future.”, said Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia.

SEO and Wikipedia

Wikipedia does not have an apocalyptic view about this because its core audience knows the site very well and it has all the necessary experience to get exactly what they want. The loyal users use internal searches or they head directly to the page they want to see. This somehow works like in the case of the top affiliate networks. People know what they want and where they should go to find it.

In the case of the casual users, they get what they need from Google and follow up with a click to a page if they want more information about the topic they’re interested in. And it seems that Wikipedia is not very interested in these kind of searches, that’s why it’s treating the traffic losses very lightly. After all, Wikipedia is a huge brand on its own and has built its reputation without relying on the help of search engines.

The outcome

While most of the top affiliate networks depend on the traffic sent to them by Google, Wikipedia is not very affected by the lack of it. This is a name that managed to look at a significant loss in a positive way, while still continuing to deliver quality content and information. This is a positive example for anyone who works in online marketing. Still, Wikipedia is Wikipedia and, apparently, it can afford to lose a great amount of traffic, but a regular website cannot say the same thing. For more information on what Google considers to be a high-quality site, read this article.