Google’s Mobile Friendly algorithm and affiliate marketing

Google recently announced that its recent algorithm change will reward the sites that are optimized for mobile. This means that the mobile affiliate networks that put the user’s experience on mobile on a top place will have lots of benefits. This happened because mobile penetration is growing to 76% in the U.S. and not only, while mobile e-commerce accounts for 27% of retailer’s sale. That being said, the search engine wants to make things easier for customers who access a website via a mobile device.

Google changes mobile online marketing news

What to do

First of all, make sure that your affiliate site is optimized and it can be recognized as a mobile affiliate network partner. If you don’t know if your site is mobile-friendly, you can easily analyze it by taking this test supported by Google. After you introduce your URL address in the case, you will receive a report whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. You will also receive suggestions about how you can improve the mobile experience on your site.


To be considered a mobile affiliate network site, you should pass these requirements set up by Google:

  • The links should be placed far enough apart so that each one of them can be easily accessed;
  • The content should be sized to the screen so that the users don’t have to scroll;
  • To have text that can be read without the use of the zoom feature;
  • To avoid software that is not used on mobile devices, such as Flash.

These requirements need to be worked upon, but the results will definitely be worth it. While some may be easy to implement or fix, some will need more attention on your behalf. In the case you are penalized in the rankings for not following these rules, don’t worry as this is not a permanent mark.

The algorithm is very fast, effective and it performs in real time. Any change you will make to your mobile affiliate network will be instantly seen and the listing will be corrected accordingly. The algorithm works on page level, not site level, so you won’t be penalized for the overall experience. Simply work on the pages that need to be optimized and you’ll be fine.

Wrapping things up

Mobile is such a huge deal at the moment because this is the main source of information for millennials. This is how they conduct their purchase research and how they decide is they will or will not buy a product or a service. Make sure your mobile affiliate network is ready to meet all of their expectations.