How Can Affiliate Sites Rank Well According To Google?

Google made it clear that it likes affiliate sites! Contrary to the popular belief that Google doesn’t rank affiliate sites, the representatives of the company explained that they actually like to index such sites, just not the bad quality ones. This is the general rule that Google applies when it decides if a site is worth indexing or not. Let’s see how you can learn affiliate marketing practices for your website by following Google’s indications.

How to learn affiliate marketing

Have a useful affiliate marketing site

Even Google says that affiliate sites can actually be helpful to people. To be sure that Google is paying attention to your site, make sure you provide useful information that actually helps people! There are plenty of people who think that if they learn affiliate marketing basic tips and tricks, they will rank well in Google. This is not a 100% safe approach, because the best way to rank well in the searches is to provide real value. Today, you cannot use the tactics used in the past, when black hat SEO tactics were “it”. At the moment, Google is able to track user behaviors and uses more than 400 metrics to decide which site to rank for certain keywords. Instead of spending your time thinking about how to trick Google, you should invest the same amount of time into improving your site. The results will be better on the long run.


In the early phases, when you want to learn affiliate marketing basic practices, few people will tell you that you need to work and be committed in order to become a wealthy affiliate. Building an online business requires work and determination on the long run. Of course, the results are worth it!


Google also understands that website owners need to earn money in order to be motivated to keep building. There are websites that sell products and services, others sell display advertising and some sell other people’s products and services. Google is not looking down on affiliate marketing, not at all! They like affiliate sites, as long as these are useful to the audience. Learn affiliate marketing practices by following Google’s instructions and you’ll have a well-ranked affiliate sites. The main thing that Google appreciates is a high-quality content. If you have that, you will rank well, simple as that!

In conclusion

Google is a business like any other and wants to provide its users a high quality experience. The same model should be followed by all of the businesses that rely on the most used search engine in the world! You, as an affiliate, learn affiliate marketing tips by the book, follow the rules that Google has and you won’t have any problems in having a great affiliate site.