How to create a successful SEO strategy for your affiliate site

Affiliate marketing has evolved in the past few years. The technology has changed and some of the basics have also changed, but the biggest evolution is in terms of strategy! If you want to learn affiliate marketing strategies you first must understand that the specifics change from site to site, but some of the standard rules remain the same, regardless of topic or niche. But let’s see how the general guidelines of a successful strategy for an affiliate site look like:

To be a successful affiliate you need to learn affiliate marketing strategies from a different pov

Unique content (truly unique!)

As an affiliate, you must understand that there’s a big difference between content that’s technically unique from a search engine point of view and conceptually unique from a user perspective. Learn how to distinguish these two and base your content firmly on the conceptually unique side. No viewer wants to share general articles about a certain topic, but rather something outstanding like “things you never knew you could do with x thing”. By tailoring your site to fit your viewer’s needs, you will learn affiliate marketing strategies that are truly beneficial to you!

A domain name that can be branded

Anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing should know that they must put a keyword into the domain’s name. Do it if you can! But with today’s emphasis on brands in Google’s algorithm, you simply don’t want to be yet another keyword-laden domain. As an affiliate who wants to be successful, you need a more unique name if you expect to give Google the branding signals they’re looking for.

User generated content

Allowing your users to leave reviews on your affiliate site goes a long way towards “value add” and offers unique content that no other site has. The blog comments can also serve as a way to engage users, thus creating the user-based signals of a popular website that Google loves. You can easily learn affiliate marketing strategies by creating a dialogue with your viewers and allowing them to speak their mind! They will tell you exactly what they love about your site and what they don’t like so much. Based on their opinions, you can create a better affiliate strategy.

The point of difference

It’s wrong to think that Google doesn’t like affiliate sites. The truth is that Google simply doesn’t like bad affiliate sites. And by bad Google understands sites with no value add to the end user; affiliates that haven’t adjusted their site-building strategy since the 90’s! To learn affiliate marketing from a better point of view, you’ll have to spend time on other affiliate sites in your niche and ask yourself what they’re missing. Also, what they’re not offering or how you can do what they’re doing better. Working to create a brand that offers valuable content and gives customers a voice, all of these from an angle that hasn’t been done countless time before, is the key to a successful affiliate site!

In conclusion

Rely on a solid strategy that revolves around making your affiliate site a valuable resource for those who look for services, products or information in your niche! Good luck!