How to turn a Bingo player to a casino enthusiast in 4 easy steps

Bingo player to a casino enthusiast

There is a time you think that you have reached your limits, in terms of new traffic and players you can bring to a Bingo Room. Or even better, you do want to get that revenue a bit higher, and earn more from your deals, but you are not sure how to do that. Well, usually, what we are looking for is right under our nose. We just cannot see it.

Turning your Bingo player to an online Casino player is one of the ways you can achieve more profit from your network. True, Casino and Bingo do not look too much alike, but are they really that different?

The fact is, there are a lot of online casino games, which follow the same principles as Bingo. Keno is one of them, Roulette is another one. But what no online gamer can say no to, is Slots. So, there’s your starting point!

Since you’re already a dedicated affiliate, who has invested their time, ideas and experience into building a loyal online gaming community, then you have the potential and the experience to convert your players from one game to another.

So, let’s say you want to expand your sites portfolio to online casinos and you need to convince your bingo players to try out the casino games you’ve just started promoting. The following tips we gathered for you will guide you through the process. Like in all cases, however, patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet (J.J. Rousseau)!

Get to know your readers!

It’s a common belief that online bingo players are mostly female and usually middle-aged. Actually, it is not just a common relief, in fact women, at an 80% ratio, are more loyal bingo players than men. For women, bingo is an escape from their everyday tasks and responsibilities. It is a way to socialize, and have fun, at the same time. Loyalty and trust are key meanings for female audiences, so take the time to let them know that you are interested in learning more about them. Do you have any idea what their other interests and favorite hobbies are, besides bingo? Well then, find out as much as you can and use the information you get in your own advantage!

Understanding who your main target audience is and what they like will definitely help you choose the right ways to promote casino games. And don’t forget that two minds think better than one, so  contact your account manager and think of personalized creative materials and special bonus offers you can give your players for trying out casino games for the first time, together. Ask for the current bonuses and promos, and lure your bingo customers with offers, they won’t be able to refuse!

Everybody loves slots!

Casino sites offer a wide range of different games, from poker to roulette, and from blackjack to the similar to bingo, Keno. In fact, a lot of Bingo Sites have integrated certain casino games, due to their pull to online bingo players. Great Bingo Sites, such as Bingo Hall and Vic’s Bingo, have successfully added some of the most popular Casino games to their range. So, as a matter of fact, the first big step has been made. One thing is for sure: your Bingo customer will be thrilled to be part of this amazing world of gaming and fun, which goes beyond the limits of Bingo. And there is one casino game that’s tailor made for the Bingo enthusiast: slots.

Slots and bingo tend to work perfectly together, both allowing participants to wager small amounts of money while having the chances of big time winnings! They require minimum attention, while they both are based mainly on chance. So, a great starting point for your new strategy could be promoting slots which may appeal to your bingo players, in terms of design and themes. Make the transition as smooth as possible, getting them excited and intrigued about all the casino games you can offer next.

Get creative!

This is the part where you can get crazy creative! An attractive banner by itself isn’t enough of a good reason for your bingo players to try a casino site, so start thinking of different ways to interact with your community. How difficult can it be? Your target audience is women, so they interact in more ways than men do. They talk about everything, so it’s not hard to imagine what more interactive methods could lead to! Why not introduce a voting poll on your site and ask them if they’d be interested in some great slots machine promotions? Or even ask for their comments on particular games and promos, and make them realize that their opinion is heard, while getting you a bit closer to what they think and desire! Also, women love surprises, so don’t forget to surprise them from time to time, by sending out casino themed newsletters, welcoming them to a whole new world of fun, gaming and attractive winnings!

Test, test, test!

If you want to make this work, then there is only one way to do it: invest your time in testing. Think of new ideas to track your traffic, experiment with different placements for the creative materials and even split test your strategy in two or more different groups, to determine which advertising campaigns are more effective for you and your audience. Be careful and don’t go overboard with this because too many flashy banners could lead to confusion…

Bingo is a game of luck, so take a minute and learn from your audience. Betting on chance is part of their deal, so, risk new techniques, promos and mailers, test them and find out which works best. There is nothing wrong with trying new things. Who knows where it might take you!

Having all 4 steps covered now, there is one last tip, and a rather important one, as well. There is absolutely no reason to turn your bingo site into a casino site, to convert your traffic. You invested a lot of time to get a bingo oriented affiliate site, and after all, this is the core of all your actions. Bear in mind that what you are trying to do, is simply give your traffic another option that they might like to investigate. It’s not necessarily a one way road for them, and surely you shouldn’t change your site so much that they feel excluded.

Remember to use your skills and resources, if you want your “bingo player to convert to online casino”! Be your audience’s mentor, if you wish, and take them by the hand, to places of endless hours of fun!

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