How to use the Viper WordPress theme on the affiliate marketing websites

Most affiliates use WordPress themes to create affiliate marketing websites, but the main problem they all encounter is that any shop front style WordPress theme is designed to serve sites with actual eCommerce functionality. And all affiliates know that they don’t need a check out process or a basket, but a platform to get clients to the advertiser’s website. Good news for all affiliates! The Viper WordPress theme is a purpose built affiliate theme. Let’s see how you can use it:


Using WordPress Viper theme on affiliate marketing websites

When you access the Viper WordPress theme for the first time, you may notice that it doesn’t support the addition of text content which is crucial for any Google friendly website. This is why you’ll have to look separately at the homepage and department pages.

The homepage

The homepage of the Viper WordPress theme has its very own template, and this is good news for anyone who operates affiliate marketing websites. In other words, the content within the editor can be hard coded (Appearance > Editor > Homepage Page Template). You will have to place your original content in the suitable part of that code, according to the position in which you want it to appear on the page.

Department pages

You can add a description for Departments, but it’s important to know that the text you will insert will not show up on the live page itself. For such a thing to happen, you’ll have to tweak the Department Taxonomies file within the editor.

Homepage banner

This is the banner that will get the highest click-through rate out of all affiliate links shown on the affiliate marketing websites that use the Viper WordPress theme. This happens because the banner is located on the right of the homepage slider, so it’s highly visible. Make sure you carefully select who and what you promote there!

Call To Action

By default, the call to action on the product panels is “Buy Now”. Affiliates who have been using this theme have come to the conclusion that users are more inclined to click on something that says “View Details”. This feature will automatically send them to a separate product page. As the owners of affiliate marketing websites know, the most important thing is to send the viewers on to the advertiser’s website so it can create the needed cookie. Users are reticent on pressing the “Buy Now” action as it sounds like they make a commitment which they are not yet ready to take. To attract clients and send them off to the advertiser’s website, change the name of the “Buy Now” button to “View Details” or “Details”. The CTA will be much more appealing to them, as they won’t feel the pressure of making a commitment, but merely getting more information.

For SEO benefits

It’s common that people search for a website/ store/ brand name in the same query as their product search. For example: “(casino name) bingo tournaments”. Take this into consideration and create different departments for every advertiser whose offers you feature. By doing so, you’ll have a separate URL and this will rank for the advertisers search queries.