Learn affiliate marketing: What is the best traffic source?

As an affiliate, you’re constantly interested in getting traffic on your site. It’s only natural that you want to have a growing number of visitors and page views each day. When you learn affiliate marketing tips and tricks about how to get more traffic, you are told that the source of the traffic is also important. Not everything is about a huge number of visitors, but also where do they come from. The quality of the sources is very important for any website. Like in everything that matters online, it’s mostly about quality, not quantity!

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The best traffic sources

After you founded a website and you start to learn affiliate marketing tips and tricks about getting traffic, you should start to pay attention to the quality of the source. It’s important to have the right information right from the start, so things will run smoothly for you. To help you get started in the best possible way, here are the main traffic sources with specifications about the quality of the traffic they’re associated with:

High quality traffic – Organic traffic

Everybody who works as an affiliate should know that organic traffic/SEO cannot be surpassed! This is happening because search engines show the users topics that are related to his interests. Basically, if someone searches for a particular topic that can also be found on your site, they will see it, click it and, by doing so, be interested in your website. As a side note, the main source of the most popular websites on the internet right now is the organic traffic.

Medium quality traffic – Social Media Traffic

The Social Media traffic is seen as a medium quality traffic source. It can be considered as contextual to some extent. But, at the end of the day, if someone is interested in your website, they will share it on social media channels. The downfall of the popular social media platform is that they cannot guarantee high quality traffic for your affiliate blog, and this is something that everybody who wants to learn affiliate marketing practices should know. The quality level of traffic that comes from social media channels is medium.

Medium/ Low quality traffic – Email Marketing

Although email marketing, the person would have shown enough interest in your website to sign up to your newsletters, the traffic coming from this source is considered to be medium to low quality. If want to learn affiliate marketing from the expert’s practices, you must know that the problem with email marketing is that people who see your email are returning visitors to your site. The majority of people will not be patient enough to read your sent messages and those that will take that action will not spend too much time on your website because they don’t need to browse through it. They are returning visitors and know the structure of your site.