New affiliates and the most common mistakes they make

The biggest reason why someone becomes an affiliate is to make money, this is no secret. The beginning can be confusing for affiliates, as they don’t know exactly how to deal with digital marketing. A new affiliate will run in every direction, will try anything and will have no idea how the mistakes made at the very start will influence his long term success. Knowledge comes with experience, but you can still learn affiliate marketing tactics if you make time to read what are the most common mistakes made by new affiliates. Read them and make sure you won’t repeat them yourself.

How to learn affiliate marketing

New affiliates don’t test

Before promoting a product or a service, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and see what happens when he or she follows your indications. Nothing is more annoying than being led on from one website to another and come to find a different offer than the one promised at the right beginning. Learn affiliate marketing the right way and always test the offer yourself before recommending it to your visitors.

New affiliates don’t help

Even if the word “marketing” is part of affiliate marketing, your job as an affiliate is not to sell. The selling part is the advertiser’s job. The affiliate’s job is to conduct the visitor to the advertiser’s website. To do so, you must tell the visitor why he or she should buy a certain product. Most of the new affiliates place “BUY THIS NOW!” signs across their site to make the visitor click the links and, hopefully, generate a lead by doing so. If you want to learn affiliate marketing best practices, know that potential customers want to hear from other people before making a decision. This is the reason why testimonials and reviews are so powerful. The genuine feedback given by people just like them is an unbiased review and not a scripted speech made by a salesperson. If you give your visitors real reasons why they should use a certain product of service, you will generate more leads and, most likely, those people will trust you and will come back to you.

New affiliates don’t compare

After new affiliates learn affiliate marketing tips and tricks, they’ll know that comparing the main product with other similar products is one of the best converting tactics in this business. When you use this tactic, make sure that you highlight the product’s best features. Also, if you use a title like “The 3 online bingo games you should play”, you will not only help your readers make a choice, but also you can insert there affiliate links for three products instead of only one. That’s a score!

New affiliates make money ”miraculously”

We’ve all seen it: You’re reading stuff on the internet, you end up in the comments section and, boom, a comment where someone says how he made money by staying home and working for two hours. The message ends with a link to website that will reveal his “secret”. This happens all the time, everywhere. If you’re a new affiliate and want to learn affiliate marketing tricks, never stoop so low. Don’t make false claims about what you promote and don’t try to trick people. You will lose all of your credibility right from the start and you won’t convert anything.

In conclusion

Being an affiliate requires self-motivation and attention. Any wealthy affiliate would tell you that he or she had to learn affiliate marketing by making lots of mistakes at first. It’s ok to make a mistake, but it’s not ok to keep repeating it, hoping for better results. As they say: “Dumb people never learn from their own mistakes! Smart people learn from their own mistakes! Brilliant people learn from others mistakes!”.