Why We Have Stuck To Revenue Giants as a Prime Partner for 15 Years And Counting

By Courtney Gilmore, Editor of NoDepositKings.com

There are roughly 500 casino operators open to affiliate business today, give or take, with a seemingly endless stream of new competitors entering the market almost daily. The truth is that many hopefuls don’t survive for long for a variety of reasons. A lack of understanding of a complex industry, limited access to financial and other resources and poor service are just some of the problems that hamper the best of intentions.

One program that has consistently delivered and stood the test of time for well over a decade is Revenue Giants.

In this blog, Courtney Gilmore of NoDepositKings.com offers a brief insight as to why her company has counted the program among their best performing partners for so many years.


Here follows her top five reasons for working with Revenue Giants:

1. Customer Service

First and foremost, having access to a world-class team is essential. You need affiliate managers that understand the business, and learn about your needs as an affiliate. Revenue Giants has a tried and tested team that consistently go above and beyond.

2. Customization

Every affiliate has different needs. Their target markets and sources of traffic demand the ability of the affiliate program to be able to customise bonus offers and build landing pages that deliver optimal results. This requires not only a willingness but also capability. Many program pay lip service to customization, but Revenue Giants are willing to work with their affiliates to achieve the best possible outcomes.

3. Quick Turnaround

Things change fast, so for affiliate turnaround time is of the essence. Revenue Giants responds to our needs, often with short deadlines, for which we are very thankful.

4. Reporting

Having access to reporting is essential to optimise traffic and revenue. It is important that the program is transparent and able to generate customised reports, especially where large volumes of traffic need to be honed and carefully managed. The program needs to work with us to find bottlenecks and iron them out.

5. Reliable Payments

Not much explanation needed here! You can set your clock by the Revenue Giants payment schedule!

“Picking your partners can be tricky business for affiliates, which is why we recommend Revenue giants to every affiliate that works in their primary GEOs. We speak from experience. You will not be disappointed,” said Courtney.

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