The effect of Google’s “mobile-friendly” algorithm in affiliate marketing

How does the “mobile-friendly” algorithm affect affiliate marketing? How are the top affiliate networks handling the changes that Google made in its algorithms? It all began this spring, when the internet giant changed the rules of search engine results pages (SERP). Now, the sites that are mobile-friendly are “liked” by Google. Because the smartphone penetration is big and keeps getting bigger, the well-known search engine decided to make it easier for users to access websites that are optimized for the device they’re using. How is this change affecting your work as an affiliate and what can you do to keep up? Keep on reading this article:

The top affiliate networks and Google's algorithms

Your site has to be mobile-friendly

The first thing that you should do as an affiliate is to make sure that your site meets the mobile standards. Have no worries, this is a very simple process! Google has created a mobile-friendly test that analyzes your site and reports back on whether it passes or it doesn’t. You can take the test here. The test also gives you suggestions on how to improve your site and make it mobile-friendly. This is a great tool for all the affiliates and, also, for the top affiliate networks, because every site needs to be mobile-friendly these days, no matter what its purpose is!

Google’s rules

To be considered mobile-friendly, a site has to:

  • Avoid using software that is not common on mobile devices. Flash, for example;
  • Use text that can be read without zooming in;
  • Size its content to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom;
  • Place the links in the right places, so that the correct one can easily be accessed. Button spacing is also important.

The good news is that if you get penalized in the rankings for not following these rules, the mark is not permanent! The top affiliate networks won’t have much to lose because the algorithm runs in real time and it will notice when the changes are made, while correcting the listings accordingly. Another great news is that Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm works on the page level, not the website level. This means that if certain pages are optimized while others are not, only the pages requiring further assistance will be demoted in ranking.

Affiliate marketing and Google’s algorithm

Affiliates can find countless new opportunities in mobile commerce. As an affiliate, you now have the ability to geo-target and leverage smartphone and tablet technologies to engage your viewers. Backed up by the expertise of any of the top affiliate networks, you as an affiliate should utilize standard mobile ad sized, mobile-optimized links and optimize your site to match user’s intent and behavior. Read more stats and facts about mobile marketing in this article.

Wrapping things up

The time you spend optimizing your affiliate site for mobile use will be time well spent, rewarded by an increase in your affiliate earnings. Any of the top affiliate networks will be proud to have you as a partner! Remember that mobile is no longer considered to be a feature of a distant future, it is here right now! Work to improve your affiliate site, rely on the suggestions that Google gives to anyone who’s interested and you won’t have any problem with its mobile-friendly algorithm! Get those leads!