What you should expect from top affiliate programs 2014 – 2015

The affiliate marketing programs have been constantly changing and evolving, so it’s no surprise that the strategy you have been using last year needs to be updated to the trends of this year. It’s crucial to understand the dynamic of this industry if you want your business to grow and prosper. The top affiliate programs 2014 – 2015 should implement the best practices available on the marketing industry at the moment. Keep this is mind as this is what you should aim for when you’re developing an up-to-date marketing strategy.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Focus on the mobile experience

This current trend has its anchor deep rooted in something that everybody does these days: using the mobile phone. The smartphone is an item that we all use for socializing, browsing the internet and using different services. We do this more and more each day, that’s why the mobile commerce must play a big role in the top affiliate programs 2014 – 2015. If you think about it, this is not an assumption but a reality. If you want your company to flourish, focus on developing a website that’s optimized for mobile. Statistics say that 70% of the customers fail to complete a mobile transaction because the website is not mobile optimized. This is a great market for affiliates because it offers many possibilities to explore: advertising in applications and mobile games or creating a dedicated mobile app. And now for the cherry on top: 61% of the customers like a brand more after they had a good mobile experience with it.

Help me help you

The top affiliate programs 2014 and 215 will encourage the development of non-conventional strategies. This is a great way to associate with a nonprofit cause and help it to raise money. To be more specific: The nonprofit organization will advertise you and encourage people to buy from you or use your product, because a part of the money spent by the customer will go back to it. When a customer makes a purchase from your website, you will redirect a part of the sum spent towards the cause you support. Of course, this system will be adapted to the type of services you provide.

Think global

There are already many top affiliate programs 2014 – 2015 that are beginning to expand into new countries. This trend is only in its early stages because it’s hard to make a breakthrough in a new country, under different laws and regulations. Starting to get global traffic to your affiliate site has huge benefits and it’s a sure way to also expand your reach and hence the amount of money you make. Promoting in another country and another language is always challenging, but the leads it can generate once you establish yourself are worth the struggle.

The value of an affiliate

Being an affiliate must be associated with a premium status. The best affiliate marketing programs always recognize the value of a good partner. The partners that generate new leads are rewarded and appreciated to their true caliber. The relationship between the marketer and its affiliate has to be a close one to ensure the best results. Here at RevenueGiants we strive to offer the best support to our affiliates to ensure their success and ours, as together we are strong, together we are a team, and together we can accomplish great things!