Your old clients can refer you to new clients

Happy visitors are your best friends in the affiliate business and the gateway to a flood of endless leads. It’s not always easy to hit those leads, but there are some things you can do to land them. As an affiliate, when you have clients that you want to maintain for referrals or future collaborations, be sure that they are fully happy about the services you provide. Should you become part of one of the top affiliate networks, feel encouraged to send out at least one email each day to the clients you performed work for in the past. Simply say “Hello!” and remind them that you are there if they need you. Depending on their response, you’ll know if you can ask for additional clients. Usually, the ones who reply the fastest are the ones that like to talk a lot, not only to you, but with their friends also. Here are other methods that can help you as well:

Be part of the top affiliate networks and generate leads from new clients

Partner with a client

One of the best ways in which you can earn additional referrals from clients and also build a long lasting business relationship is by becoming partners. It’s the same type of relationship you have with the top affiliate networks. If you provide a service that you can combine with a service offered by one of your clients, approach you client and ask for a partnership.

Obtain it in writing

Never forget to ask for references from your clients. The best way to ask for it is when you complete the service. Try to obtain it in writing (in an email for example) along with their explicit permission to use it. It’s like when you present yourself as a promoter of the top affiliate networks. It’s something that makes you proud! Also, make it crystal clear to your client how you’re planning to use their testimonial (in promotional materials, on your site, in emails etc.). Make a rule out of this and you’ll permanently have fresh new testimonials to prove you’re a trustworthy affiliate!

Simply ask for referrals

The easiest way gain new referrals is to ask for them. Make a habit out of this and send daily requests to your clients, because this healthy practice has a high rate of success in bringing you fresh new prospects. Send them a “Thank you!” email where you tell them that you pride yourself with working with the top affiliate networks and that you want to thank them, the clients, for using your services. After this introduction you can ask them if they know someone else who might be interested in the same services. Ok, it may sound like a sales pitch, but if you don’t ask, you won’t ever know! Sometimes, a simple “Thank you!” email can do the trick!


Being partner of the top affiliate networks is highly rewarding work, no doubt about it. But nothing compares to the joy of generating a lead. Don’t turn down the opportunity to ask your clients for referrals. You might be pleasantly surprised about the results. Just try it!