Why We Have Stuck To Revenue Giants as a Prime Partner for 15 Years And Counting

By Courtney Gilmore, Editor of NoDepositKings.com There are roughly 500 casino operators open to affiliate business today, give or take, with a seemingly endless stream of new competitors entering the market almost daily. The truth is that many hopefuls don’t survive for long for a variety of reasons. A lack of understanding of a complex […]

How to become more organized when working from home

Working as an affiliate means that you are your own boss when it comes to the work you do. You and only you decide the work flow and, also, the work schedule, which is great! If you manage to create and respect a timetable for your work as an affiliate, the results will be seen […]

Be the affiliate that gives visitors quality. They will love you!

What do we all have in common these days? We share our experiences on the internet! But people are now much more selective when they use the social media platforms. They want to save time by only seeing the things that truly interest them. No one has the patience to read long stories that don’t […]

Google: high-quality sites explained

Everybody tells you that Google loves a high-quality site. Everyone who works in digital marketing has heard this line at least once by now. There are general guidelines about how to create a high-quality website, but no one can tell you for sure if those are authentic or not. The only one who can say […]

Email marketing is better than social media in generating leads! Why?

Most of the top affiliate networks today can’t afford to not have social media presence. Social platforms allow them to create a genuine relationship with their customers and also find out what people are saying about their brand. The benefits of social media are countless and there’s no real reason why these platforms shouldn’t be […]

How to make sure that your affiliate content gets noticed

Have you ever thought about what differentiates a regular affiliate site from a top affiliate site? The good affiliate sites invest in content marketing that can generate leads, increase ROI and brand awareness. On the other hand, the best affiliate sites use the same principles, but still their content gets more online exposure. Are there […]

What not to do at the beginning of your affiliate marketing career

Having a digital presence does not necessarily mean that you know you way around the internet. There are many affiliates that may have lots of experience in online marketing, but their knowledge resumes to what they read in the affiliate marketing for dummies book. Why? Because they made poor choices right from the start. They […]

New affiliates and the most common mistakes they make

The biggest reason why someone becomes an affiliate is to make money, this is no secret. The beginning can be confusing for affiliates, as they don’t know exactly how to deal with digital marketing. A new affiliate will run in every direction, will try anything and will have no idea how the mistakes made at […]

How to have better content as an affiliate

Are you a brand new affiliate or you feel like you could be giving lessons about affiliate marketing? No matter in which category you fall, it’s clear that you are aware that in the digital marketing world you should always be ready to evolve. This particular way of thinking is what the top affiliate networks […]

The best ways to earn more money through affiliate marketing

Every affiliate, regardless of its experience, wants to earn money through the affiliate program. That’s why the affiliates put a lot of time and energy into this and, as it is natural, expect the best results possible. As we know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Unfortunately, putting a lot of work […]