Colors that influence the sales! What’s your favorite?

It’s common knowledge that colors influence the customer’s behavior. This happens because certain colors “wake” certain emotions and marketers use colors to trigger the response they want from the customers. Of course that even the wealthy affiliates use this basic marketing trick to make visitors perform the action they want. You can call it manipulation, […]

The best methods for conversion optimization- Part 2

Like we mentioned in the first part of this article (click here to read part 1), every wealthy affiliate has a highly conversions optimized site. After you read about the importance of A/B testing, the objective of a page and why is recommended to make your purpose clear, now it’s time to learn new things. […]

The best methods for conversion optimization- Part 1

Every wealthy affiliate seems to have a website that is like a conversion machine while you struggle to keep your conversions afloat. You wonder how is that possible? Rest assured that true optimization is technically impossible! The secret of the most effective affiliates is that they continue to improve, test, and refine their work. In […]

Learn affiliate marketing: How to lower the bounce rate on your affiliate site

Anyone who owns a website knows that having a high bounce rate is bad! A site’s bounce rate is the percentage of people that visit a page and immediately leave without visiting another page. If you own an affiliate site, this is bad news as you don’t get visitors attention and you cannot generate the […]

Can Google Panda affect your affiliate site?

Google Panda is like kryptonite for the websites that use spammy online content. The algorithm, which Google has named after a cute animal, is designed to separate the bad websites from the good ones. Although the best affiliate sites do not resort to spam-related practices, content creators, affiliates and SEO experts can’t really warm up […]

More than half of video ads are not viewable! How can you change that?

Videos may become the true stars of the internet in the next three years. To support the previous statement, we’ll give you numbers: Videos are expected to account for 79% of all internet traffic in the following years, with businesses expected to spend about $13 billion on video marketing by 2018. Those numbers are impressive […]

Affiliate marketing for dummies: Digital Marketing Definitions you should know

When you are new to digital marketing, things can be very confusing, we know that. All that complex terminology that dominates the industry can be complicated to a new affiliate. You may feel like you don’t belong in this industry when you fail to understand terms like CTR or CPM. To help you with this, […]

Affiliate marketing for dummies: All about guest blogging

One of the most effective ways to increase your brand’s visibility online is by doing guest blogging. To put it simple, in affiliate marketing for dummies terms, this highly used link building technique can help you attract loyal visitors and potential customers to your site

How to use your RSS to generate more traffic

The RSS may seem like a vintage marketing tool, but, even if it’s not that popular anymore, it can still be used to amplify the reach of your content. Despite what you may have read, RSS is not dead, in fact million people still use it. You can use this misconception in you advantage, by […]

DIY: How to get Wikipedia backlinks

Wikipedia is one of the most accessed sites on the internet and its authority is undeniable. Receiving a backlink for your website from Wiki is like winning an Oscar. Just imagine how this could improve your reputation and your traffic. We’re here to show you how to “hack” Wikipedia and get as many backlinks as […]