Can you spell B-I-N-G-O?

Any bingo affiliate who is truly passionate about his online business should know how the balls roll! And by that, of course, I’m referring to the different types of bingo games out there, their particularities and, most importantly, who plays the games of the Bingo sites you’re promoting.

Link farms: Good or bad?

Either you’re a newbie affiliate in the challenging and impressive SEO world or an experienced blogger, keeping up a good page rank for your online business can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process. And since no one wants to be penalized by the “Google Police” team, we chose for this week’s topic a disputed search engine optimization technique, so we can clear out the questions some of you have been asking us: Are link farms good or bad?

Social media: tips & hints

Social media is a generic term, used to describe a group of sites, where people sign in to share stories, ideas, content and data. It is the ultimate trend of the last decade, and definitely one important tool to help increase traffic to your site. Corporate use of social media has been there, since day […]

Increase traffic by posting on forums

Affiliate marketing is definitely an area where people need to feel integrated into a community. Brand yourself in this big community, you can do it in your spare time, and it will help you gain traffic and respect for your knowledge! In order to be a successful affiliate, you need to focus on networking a […]

How to fight “banner-blindness”

Having an affiliate website involves a lot research, SEO and html knowledge, but, most of all, it involves experiencing a certain level of empathy regarding the visitor. You need to always put yourself in the place of a casino player, for instance, as if you were the one searching for an online casino at which […]


As a webmaster you are always interested in finding new ways to bring more visitors to your site, ways to improve your traffic. This article shows you different strategies you can apply to your advantage. SEO Strategies One of the most important, inexpensive strategies is to rank high for your preferred keywords on the main […]

Free games increase revenue

Promoting a website that has a catalog of free online casino games has never been this easy! Make players interested in what you have, for they will turn it into a steady flow of revenue in no time! All you need to follow are these simple guidelines, as we’ve compiled a few steps that should […]

Testimonials Vs. Referrals: What’s The Difference?

Testimonials and referrals are both prized for businesses. But sometimes people confuse the meaning of these terms and don’t understand the full value and benefits that each has to offer. So here they are in a nutshell along with a summary of what the difference is.Testimonials Testimonials are comments that people make after using your […]

Back to Basics: Success with Online Advertising

Following with our Back to Basics series we will talk about Online Advertising today. Remember: Affiliate Marketing is considered part of Online Advertising, and vice- versa. They cannot be considered in an independent isolated mode. Simply put: online advertising is any tool we use in order to get our message across to a specific market […]

SEO Ways To Make Money Online For Your New Internet Online Business Opportunity

Search engines are not the only way through which visitors get to your website. But I have read that most people say Google analytics for their sites show about 50 percent of visitors came from searches. The rest of their visitors came from referring sites with about 10 percent already knew their link. Optimizing your […]