5 Best Converting Themes in Online Gaming

5 Best Converting Themes in Online Gaming

Diversification has always made our life more interesting and fun, so why would online gaming be any different? Since people express their preferences and favorite hobbies through everything they do, it’s natural to have slot games available in all the most popular themes out there!

But why does a slot game become successful and extremely popular? How do you know which one to advertise the most on your website? Simple! When it clearly attracts numerous players from around the world, offering them an exciting experience presented as their most beloved theme!

Without further ado, here are the 5 best converting themes in online gaming, from popular online bingo and online casino sites!

1. Transylvania

Transylvania Slot Game

Even though it’s the newest slot from this list, Transylvania has a terrifically thrilling theme that couldn’t be any other way than catchy and extremely popular: vampires! Whether or not you’re a fan of Anne Rice’s “Interview with the vampire” or even “Twilight”, this is the video slot everyone has been waiting for! Players are welcomed with a pinch of fangs and a drop of blood so you wouldn’t want your readers to miss out on this! A similar slot game on the casino sites is Grave Grabbers, perfect for all the zombie fans!

2. Redbeard & Co.

Readbeard&Co. slot game

Since the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series hit the movie theaters, pirates are the next big thing after vampires! Especially when Redbeard & Co. slots game delivers the impressive graphics that is expected from a 3D game: characters that pop off the screen from the reels and a big burly pirate that moves around the slot machine when payouts are awarded. And of course, any Pirate themed game or movie needs its colorful and funny talking parrot!

3. Merry Bells

Merry Bells Slot Game

Christmas themed games have always been popular and loved by men and women of all ages! They bring joy, happiness and that magical atmosphere whenever you open a slots game like Merry Bells. Slots players just love seeing Santa, elves, snowmen, penguins, reindeers, Christmas gifts and winterland landscapes, enhanced by jingling sleigh bells audio effects!

4. Slot Dunk

SlotDunk slot game

Studies show that more than 75% of the population watches or practices sport activities. Therefore, for all the sports lovers out there, Slot Dunk is a truly fun game to play! The players have to give their best shot in this titanic clash under the hoops. And even though it’s a sports theme, the “basketball team” is actually made up of dressed up animals. The small details from this slots game make a big difference and give that true feeling of being right on the basketball court!

5. Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon slot game

What more could a woman want from a slots game, than becoming a talented make-up artist and winning extra coins while doing the thing she likes best? Beauty Salon has the perfect slots game theme to target all your female readers! Advertising this game is your way of inviting them to enjoy some fun hours of playing with lipsticks, nail polishes and fancy perfumes bottles!

There are so many fun and entertaining slot games to choose from, not only as a bingo or casino player, but as an affiliate that wants to increase the revenue share while advertising them! You should consider these entries from our top 5 best converting gaming themes as the basics for your site’s content!

Moreover, since new slot games are launched every now and then and the variety is so impressive, make sure to stay updated with new marketing materials from your Affiliate Manager! This way you can change your banners or mailer designs regularly and keep your readers hooked to your website!

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