A Judge ruled: “Poker is a game of chance!”

Classifying the game of poker was always a big issue. There are voices that say that poker is a game of skill, while other sustain the idea that poker is definitely a game of chance. While each of these theories has substantial evidence that show their credibility, we have never heard a clear opinion about this subject. Even some of the best affiliate sites that work in the niche can’t give you a simple answer about the nature of the poker game. Recently, one man had the chance to officially rule a decision about poker. We’re talking about a Wisconsin judge who ruled that “Poker is a game of chance”!

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Poker, a game of chance

Circuit Judge Richard G. Niess issued his ruling in a Wisconsin courtroom, as a response to a case filed by the Poker Player’s Alliance. We’re sure that this case has already caught the attention of the niche’s best affiliate sites! Here is some additional information about what happened in that Dane County courtroom: The case was filed on behalf of a poker player named Mark “P0ker HO” Kroon, and the legal fees in the case were paid by a group of Wisconsin-based poker players.

The current law in Wisconsin defines poker as a “game of chance”, so what this does have to do with the best affiliate sites? It’s important to know this information when you are promoting online casino games, or when your viewers have a preference for poker games. The more you know about this subject, the better it will be for you. After all, information is power, especially in the affiliate business!

The ruling

Wisconsin considers poker to be a game of chance, and is often placed in the same category with other gaming activities such as sports betting. Judge’s Niess’s ruling came to back what the law said, yet he let a door open for the PPA (Poker Player’s Alliance) to bump their case up to the next legal level saying, and the best affiliate sites could quote this:

“I certainly enjoyed this case, not so much from the point of view of the legal issues, which I don’t think are all that difficult, but certainly the consideration of poker is always entertaining for me, even though it’s not always quite so entertaining at the poker table… I’ve got to say that poker is such a rich topic on so many levels. It’s as much a part of the American fabric, I think, as baseball and apple pie, but having said that, I can’t ignore the law here, and the law unfortunately, to use a poker analogy, is a stacked deck against the plaintiffs here.”

Wrapping things up

It should be noted by the best affiliate sites that the Wisconsin ruling was not tied to any specific legislation and the state is not currently considering any online gaming bills.