Gambling On The Internet

It all seems to have started when a few sharp operators set up shop on some Caribbean islands, Antigua, Barbuda and Grenada among the first, and spread the word that they would take bets on sporting events over the phone.

Most of these fellas were Americans, and by establishing a Caribbean base of operation were safe from U.S. laws which prohibit sports betting, except in Nevada or states where off-track betting on horse racing is permitted.

Along came the Internet, and the opportunity to expand worldwide became obvious to these overseas bookies. In 1995, two Internet sports books were formed “Sports International and World-Wide Tele-Sports, (WWTS)” becoming the first of the Internet sports book venues. Thus, an industry, the scope of which was unimagined until a few short years ago was born.

Success was quick to follow, and it wasn’t long before other groups, seeing the apparently unlimited potential began their own online gambling ventures. A variety of gambling choices were now becoming available to the cyberspace player, and as technology continued to improve so did the sophistication of the online casinos websites.

Online casinos were now beginning to offer their players an at home experience that as closely as possible mimicked the excitement and sophistication of games available at a brick and mortar establishment.

Credibility came slowly as larger well-funded organizations with a reputation to build and protect gradually began squeezing out the fringe operators; offering free play for poker novices, the chance to win bigger pots, and the assurance that the casino would pay off. The protection of one’s privacy and credit card information was assured through specially encrypted securely locked payment portals, thus further instilling a sense of security and reliability in their players and creating a loyal customer base.

Now, only a few short years later, online gambling has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Online casinos are able to successfully compete with their brick and mortar competitors with the advantages offered to the online player of convenience; just roll out of bed or walk into the next room and your online casino awaits within your computer, no having to get dressed and hop into the car for what may be a long drive or having to brave unpleasant weather. Just activate your computer and you are in a virtual bingo parlor, or at a roulette wheel or poker table.

In fact, with new and improved flash technology, online casinos can even more closely simulate the excitement of being in a real live casino, and the online chat facilities offered by virtual casinos enable players to interact with one another, further offering the stimulation one would get in face to face play.

Despite the currently confusing legal status of online gambling that exists in the United States, more net bets originate here that anywhere else in the world, because nowhere else are there so many people with Internet access.

Internet gambling must be recognized as an unstoppable phenomenon, with tens of millions of additional surfers from all over the world having, or soon to have access to the web.

By: Kenneth BatemanTaken from