Legalization of Online Gambling

Author: Musa Aykac

The ban on online gambling has led to a huge uproar among the masses. Many believe that the ban should be lifted and online gambling should be made legal. Two unexpected supporters in the form of Professors Kathryn LaTour and June Cotte from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of Western Ontario respectively who are non gamblers themselves have put forward a study which believes that the ban should be lifted and the industry should be legalized.

The two interviewed 20 regular casino gamblers and 10 internet gamblers as part of their research and reached the conclusion that the ban on online gambling has to be legalized in order to be regulated. They discovered in their study that online gamblers were more aggressive, gambled much longer and had less knowledge about their losses and the money spent. After the results of the study, researchers believe that banning online gambling would do no good. The industry is already a booming one. All that needs to be done is to look for ways to counter the potential harms and regulating the loopholes.

The study brings forward ideas like having “Cooling Off” periods on online gambling sites where you can’t instantly upload more money after you have lost all of the previous. It is just like a casino in which you have to go to an ATM at least to get more money. Other suggestion includes ideas like setting threshold limits on the money that can be spent on these sites. Keeping strict age checks on users, notifying them about their transactions from time to time and online counseling on problems related to gambling would help in solving most of the major problems. The researchers believe that the legalization of this industry can bring large revenues since it is booming at the moment.

So what benefits can be seen from uplifting the ban on gambling, basically as it is currently heading I can see a vast number of people that are taking it to the underground stage. I am right by thinking that if this happens not online will there not be regulations in place and people will be getting scammed left right and centre. So I think the right thing should be done in the next coming weeks and seriously consider making online gambling in the USA legal again, otherwise they will be an uncontrollable after shock which could be lethal for financial security.