The Dutch online gaming market is growing

Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch gaming regulator, has reported a growth of 7.6% for the nation’s online gaming market. This means that the online gaming scene is becoming more and more active in the Netherland and the best affiliate marketing sites should pay more attention to this scene. The figures released in a market report by the KSA value the Dutch online gaming industry’s gross income at €296 million in 2015, up with 7.6 percent compared to the estimated €275 million in revenue in 2014.

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The Dutch want to play online games

The KSA also believes that an estimated 437,000 Dutch residents out of the country‘s 17 million population will have said yes to online gaming this year even though current legislation to regulate online gaming has not been adopted so far.

As demographics are highly important to the best affiliate marketing sites that want to invest in the Dutch market, here is what the report has to say about the profile of the Dutch players: men are most likely to be into online gaming, but there’s no surprise here. On the other hand, the female Dutch population like to play online games, bingo being the most popular game. The best affiliate marketing sites that are specialized in online bingo sites can turn this to their advantage, because the Dutch market is open for these games.

Possibilities for the best affiliate marketing sites

As the KSA report says: “The size of the market has grown significantly in the period 2003 to 2015”. The Dutch gaming regulator maintains a high tone of optimism in its market overview report towards the current gaming bill expected to be enforced in the near future. Among other things, the gaming bill features a 20-percent gross gaming revenue tax applied to regulated online gaming operators. Online gaming operators that want to operate legally ask for a smaller tax rate to both help their profits and to curb unregulated sites from offering more advantageous conditions.

The online gaming market in the Netherlands remains unregulated, with severe delays hampering the passage of the country’s Remote Gaming Bill. The Kansspelautoriteit expects the bill to have passed into law by 2017. Should the bill pass within the expected timeframe, the regulator also outlined plans to channel 76% of its online market to Dutch licensed operators by the year 2020.

The outcome

One of the most important points reported by the KSA is that 83 percent of Dutch population that currently plays on online gaming sites show no signs of online gaming addiction, which is always a good thing. The conclusion is simple: the Dutch market is full of possibilities for the best affiliate marketing sites.