Why playing Online Bingo Is Good for You: 5 Simple Reasons

We grew up used to seeing our family members and friends playing land based bingo. Sometimes in the comfort of home with a few friends, sometimes in those never ending bingo halls filled with dozens of people and hearing someone shout “BINGO!”

Well technology comes and takes over all areas of life, and bingo is no exception. Now we have online bingo to enjoy, and some of us still find it difficult to understand how it could be good for us, if land based halls are so much fun.

Here you can read about 5 simple reasons that make online bingo good for you!

1. Online Bingo is comfortable!

Playing online bingo is comfy because you can play from your home, with all the advantages that being at home represents. You do not need to spend money in fuel or get all dressed up for a night out in the town. You do not spend in extra drinks or food. You are home. And you can play whenever you want.

Great online bingo websites offer you different game options normally covering 24 hours seven days a week. So if you are a morning person, or a night owl, you can enjoy online bingo all the same. As well, online bingo cards are normally cheaper than land based bingos, and your money goes a long way thanks to extra bonuses, deposit bonuses and chat game winnings.

2. Online Bingo always has a winner!

Land based bingo games sometimes end without a winner, and that is no surprise. In online bingo the websites work with specific gaming software that imitates the real life bingo perfectly and ensures true random results, with one difference: there is always a winner. And this winner cannot be predicted, controlled or predisposed by the other players.

Even though nagging players might overwhelm you at a specific time in your online bingo experience, it is not true that they never win. Everyone has a shot at winning in online bingo. Not all may hit jackpots, as they are meant to be difficult to win to begin with, but believe us when we say all customers win in online bingo. If it wasn’t so just think about this: why have so many promotions, contests, tournaments and special games if people don’t win?

3. Online Bingo is healthy!

Even though we do not relate bingo players with very active people, or think of the game as exciting, it is actually quite so. If you are playing bingo in a real hall you will see how emotions start to run high after a while. And when emotions run high your body produces healthy substances that keep your heart and brain strong. We all know that laughing keeps you healthy and keeps the stress at bay.

As well, and specially for those of you that do not consider Bingo to be a strategic game, studies have found that even though it might not be a difficult game to play it is a game that demands a specific mental ability from the player. The coordination mind-eye is key in the game, and according to these games players that enjoy bingo on a regular basis develop a stronger mind and reflexes over time. Younger players are faster but older players are seldom wrong, becoming better payers as well.

Now how does this change in online bingo? Not much. The principle is the same. Only that in online bingo you need to pay even more attention to what is going on: you have the caller, the cards to pay attention to, the special games that are being played as well, and if all that wasn’t enough you are part of the chat games with their own set of games.

So whoever said that online bingo players were lazy or liked online bingo because it was easier: hasn’t really joined an online bingo game!

4. You can try Online Bingo out first!

In land based bingo you cannot show up and say: “oh I don’t know if I want to play, but let me try it out, what about a free-be?” No, you need to pay and play.

There are many options out there for you to try online bingo without having to register an account and deposit in order to play. You may find fully free websites in which you can play for free and once you are ready to play for real and with real money you can upgrade your status. There are websites that offer you a free sign up bonus, free money on the house that if you happen to win nicely you can request cash out. Some offer you free versions of the games and when you wish to play for real you are requested to register and deposit. Its up to the player what and how to play.

Trying a website out before you start depositing real money is important. Not only do you get a feel for the games but also for the customer support and if you are a serious player, for the rules and regulations of the website. You wish to know these things because if you are informed the better times you will have playing online bingo, and after all, playing online bingo is all about having fun!

5. Online bingo is secure!

Online bingo is safer than Land based bingo because online businesses need to ensure that the players are real and honest, and therefore strict measures are developed and put in place. If you are an online bingo player that appreciates feeling safe and at ease while enjoying yourself, then we recommend you, when looking where to play, for a website that addresses the following:

  • Policies on multiple/duplicate accounts
  • Policies on payouts
  • Policies on account information

Finding a website that meets these considerations in a satisfactory way is of key importance as per you really should wish to play in a serious, respected and solid website. Having more than one account leaves the door open to cheating from one account to the other and if the website does not allow them they are one step closer to avoiding such issues. Payout policies include a proper documentation process as well as proper deposit methods for different users around the Globe. Account protection is important as well due to all the identity issues in this time and age.

We also recommend you to become familiar with the overall rules and regulations, such as Bonus Rules and Deposit Considerations. Most of the issues between players and website can be avoided if the customer takes some minutes to learn the internal regulations, if a website is serious: it will have all topics covered.