10 Tips for Mailer Design

Email marketing and mailers have proven to be a cost-efficient and effective tool for internet marketing. Below you can review some useful tips we have to help you optimize promotion of your website through high-quality email ads.

  1. Look personalized: it is essential to make your readers feel important and valued. Make your mailers appear to be directed to each customer individually rather than mass-produced, this is usually accomplished as simply as including the customer’s name in the subject line of your email or at the heading of your mailer.
  2. Address Book: request that users add you to their address book/contact list to ensure that forthcoming emails/mailers you send go straight to their Inbox rather than being possibly classified as Spam or Junk email.
  3. Strict permission policy: at every opportunity remind your readers that you have their permission to send email notifications. Customers need to feel in control of their email traffic and that they have indeed opted-in for this business relationship.
  4. Unsubscribe link: in concordance with the permission policy lays the importance of providing an easily accessible unsubscribe option. Always include a visible unsubscribe link so readers have the prerogative to choose whether to continue being on your mailing list or not. There is nothing more damaging to your email marketing than complaints of unsolicited mailings.
  5. Talk in the reader’s language: be aware of your audience and communicate with them in a language they understand. Avoid using too many technical terms or jargon.
  6. Get to the point: text message width should be no more than 65 characters per line; your message should be accurate, direct and straight to the point. Readers don’t want to feel that they are being trivialized or given the run-around.
  7. Keep HTML to a reasonable limit: too much HTML content can lead to filters classifying your message as Spam and/or slow loading time for users with low bandwidths. If a customer has to wait too long for loading, it could result in them not waiting at all. Remember that your customer’s time is valuable.
  8. Colors and sizes: the human eye normally goes from dark areas to light areas, from large objects to small objects etc…Use warm, bright colors for your page layout and fonts as they receive a warmer response from the reader, thus it is important to design your mailers in a way that you are maximizing this eye-catching experience. Make sure your readers will focus on the important aspects of your mailer.
  9. Images: it’s worth the money to invest in a good designer! Make sure your mailer has custom-made high quality graphics; use images that clearly relate to the product/service being advertised, however avoid replacing too much text with images, as for security purposes many readers will block images embedded in emails. Make sure your email design gets to the point even if images aren’t displayed.
  10. Add Web-View: a useful tool to facilitate the aforementioned point is to add a text-based link to a web version of your design at the top of your email; this gives customers who can only see the text of your mailer the chance to view it in web format.