5 Tips On How to Create Better Affiliate Marketing Content

The saying ‘content is king’ is still very accurate. Therefore, if you want to become a strong affiliate presence, make sure you do your best to create engaging online content for the products you advertise. Take it to the next level and learn how to write relevant content for your audience. Here is our recommendation of 5 tips on how to create better content:


1.       Share from Personal Experience

Talking from personal experience is something your readers will highly appreciate. Personal stories engage audiences and increase your credibility. Whenever you advertise products or services, be sure to add a personal touch, a story that links it to your persona. Be convincing, honest and fun, and explain why a certain product is better for you than any other products you’ve already tried. Invite your readers to do the same.

2.       Always Keep Your Audience In Mind

One rule you must never forget: focus on relationships first and on building traffic next! Do not overlook your readers’ preferences and the reason for which they follow you. Your readers trust you, therefore do not let them down. That means promoting the right products and services that are relevant for your audience. Think about what, when and how much your readers are willing to spend on the products you promote.

3.       Connect Promo to Content

If you are advertising for a product, do not make it too obvious. People are still reluctant to sales pitches and will not visit a banner ad just because you ask them to. Instead, be entertaining and share content that is actually interesting for your audience. Drop a line or two about a brand you like and promote and be sure your readers will soon be interested too. Make it personal, not sales-y.

4.       Balance Out Your Reviews

Affiliate marketing is all about building trust. Be fair and honest. Talk about what you like and what you don’t like. Don’t be afraid to include a bit of negative feedback in your posts now and then. You certainly cannot be equally enthusiastic about all products! This will eventually help you balance out your reviews and win your readers trust. However, don’t get too negative in your reviews because some companies might find that threatening and will decide not to engage marketing partnerships with your blog in the future.

5.       Diversify Your Means of Promoting

Online marketing is great because it offers affiliates a wide range of tools and strategies for promoting. If you already have a blog and it’s going well, don’t stop there! Variety is key when it comes to reaching new target audiences. Don’t have a Pinterest or Twitter account? Create one. Always think of new ways for potential readers to find you. Having more than one social media account is not something you should shy away from. On the contrary! Get your advertising on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and make your work visible and easy to recognize. The great thing is that they’re all free!