7 Tips for Attracting More Online Customers

Online businesses are always looking for new ways to attract more customers while keeping their good reputation. In this article, we will show you how you can convert visitors of your website into actual buying customers and still give them a pleasant experience.get more customers following these marketing tips


1. Understand your target audience

Understanding the market and your industry is vital if you want to generate revenue and make your business grow. It’s always good advice to do some research about what’s catchy in the online world. You need to know what makes them happy or drives them insane, what keeps them loyal, what motivates them to alter their behavior. Once you have this info, coupled with the results of a detailed marketing analysis, you convert it into benefits of your product and you’re good to go.


2. Make sure your products are described in a clear and attractive way

It’s essential that you write plainly, but with flair. The larger your target audience, the simpler your

writing has to be – unless, of course, you’re speaking to an elite group. In this case, the writing should be tailored to their level of education and area of interest. Otherwise, it’s easier to connect with your customers if you create a story, and even more so if it’s dotted with expressive terms that are likely to get a positive response.


3. Highlight benefits and features, know the difference between the two

Features are characteristics of your products, while benefits translate to what exactly these features

mean for a customer, how they make their lives a little bit easier. While it’s essential for a comprehensive list of your unique features to be well within reach, we recommend beginning with the benefits. Before giving you their full attention, customers want to know what’s in it for them.


4. Clarify terms and have a reliable customer service

Make sure any questions a customer might have are answered perhaps even before they’ve thought

them up. Having this info on hand communicates transparency and trust, with no extra cost to you, so your audience knows they’re doing business with a professional.


5. Build a reputation, emphasize uniqueness

Especially if you’re just starting out, your focus shouldn’t be exclusively on sales, but also on building a steady, positive reputation over time. Careful research will inform you of your competitors’ positioning, so you’ll know where your notoriety should stem from.


6. Make yourself visible on social media platforms

It is always good to have a Facebook page because people can stumble upon your own page and ultimately drive them right onto your company website. A low cost investment, social media is where people can get other consumers’ opinions and get an idea about your company’s popularity. Of course, Facebook is not the only platform you can use, but at this moment it is the most popular and it can help you expand your reach.

7. Always give something extra

You’d be amazed at the extra revenue generated simply by adding a bonus. Anything that adds actual value to your initial offer will motivate even more customers to respond positively to your CTA.