7 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Conversion Rate


In the affiliate marketing business, converting visitors of your site into real customers is the main objective. If you are having trouble with converting leads into money, then it’s time you review your marketing strategies and see where you are not doing it right.

Below you can read about seven common problems all marketers experience in their quest for high conversion.


A High Bounce Rate

Continue to read this and see if you find yourself in a similar situation: your website brings good traffic, but the conversion rate is rather disappointing. In marketing terms, this means you have a high bounce rate – visitors come to your site but they leave empty-handed. This could be triggered by different aspects: either your site is outdated, broken or difficult to navigate, either your visitors are disappointed by what they find on the page and leave without buying or interacting.

Messy Call-to-Action

If your call-to-action is unclear, visitors will be left guessing what your marketing effort is really all about. Target action is very important so don’t consider content a second-rate job. It could also be related to the fact that your call-to-action is not strong enough, meaning that visitors are not driven enough to take action.

Poor-quality Landing Pages

This is a very common issue in conversion failure. Remember that landing pages have solely one objective: to keep your visitors on the page and guide them towards the pages you want to. Stay away from confusing landing pages that are considered an instant turn-off for new visitors who don’t really know your site or your business.

Target the Wrong Audience

Let’s face it: in today’s dynamic online businesses, online customers will stay on your site only if they really find something that resonates with them. Therefore, the products or services you deliver must be relevant to their needs and desires. Moreover, customers like to see a personal touch in the way you promote your business because people value interaction more than ever!

Bad Choice of Content

Low conversion rates could also be tied to poor content. The answer is easy: the right choice of words, targeted to the right audience, will sell. On the other hand, the use of boring, unconvincing, overrated content can keep them away. One rule to remember: avoid clichés as much as possible!

Long or Confusing Process

As an affiliate marketer, you do your best to refer your visitors to the company or business you are affiliated with. This is the point where you need to understand that the referral process needs to go smooth and easy. Online customers are easily turned-off by long or confusing processes (e.g. for sign up or purchase) and they will leave your site sooner than you’d have expected.

Lack of Extra Bonuses

Giving your visitors that “extra” bonus or offer they are looking for is the first step towards success. Next, you should be able to pump their enthusiasm by encouraging them to try out your product or services. You can use either special discounts, bonus offers or promos – very popular amongst online customers.