Affiliate marketing for dummies: All about guest blogging

One of the most effective ways to increase your brand’s visibility online is by doing guest blogging. To put it simple, in affiliate marketing for dummies terms, this highly used link building technique can help you attract loyal visitors and potential customers to your site

Affiliate marketing for dummies: the perks of guest blog posts

The benefits of guest blogging

Guest blogging is not a new technique by any means and the basic of it is still the same: writing an article and post it on someone else’s blog. But in 2015, guest blogging is not done in the same as it was a few years ago. Today, and the affiliate marketing for dummies book agrees with this, guest blogging represents a highly effective traffic bringing tool, and a great branding & SEO strategy even for affiliates. Here is a list of the most known benefits of guest blogging:

  • It builds exposure for a website slowly but steadily. It’s especially great for new blogs or sites;
  • It provides a constant number of visitors if the campaign is targeted to high tier blogs that have an active base of engaged readers;
  • Back links from relevant blogs can help move up rankings for branded keywords;
  • Contextual links from high quality blogs will help improve the site’s searching ranking potential.

Although the benefits of guest blogging are undeniable, you need to spend time planning a strategic approach to this, if you want to have the best results.

The best way to do guest blogging

  1. Research

It’s in your best interest as an affiliate to promote your work on websites that have the same profile as yours. To do so, head over to Google and search for potential prospects. These are the search queries that you can use to find what you’re interested in: “write for us” “industry” or “write for us” “keyword”; “guest post” “industry” or “guest post” “keyword”. These are the queries that you should use to find a good list of quality blogs. After you narrowed down your search, it’s time to think about contextual relevancy. Although not every affiliate marketing for dummies book mentions this, contextual relevancy extends your capability of targeting blogs from other industries that are relevant to your niche, which might also bring potential customers to your site. You can prospect for guest blogging opportunities using some free link search tools: Ahrefs, Google search, Buzzsumo, Alltop or Dmoz.

  1. Outreach

In this phase you can actually engage with the guest blog target by finding the contact information of the person you’d like to connect with. The easiest way to contact the person you want to connect with is by using the blog’s branded pages (About me, Out team, Contact us). Once you found the email address, send them a guest blogging pitch. The affiliate marketing for dummies book of rules advises the affiliate to send a personalized message and wait for a reply. If they don’t reply within a week, you can send them a follow up message.

  1. Creating the content

Follow a simple creation process when you’re doing guest blogging posts and you won’t go wrong:

  • Settle for a frequency of guest posts (weekly, monthly or a one-time post);
  • Agree about the content, what’s permitted and what is not in the text and all the details needed to provide a high quality article;
  • Write the article within expected deadline;
  • Send the draft to the blog manager for feedback and approval;
  • Edit the content if necessary;
  • Submit the proofread article to the guest blog target and ask for feedback;
  • Follow up after one week if the blogger didn’t respond.


  1. Build a relationship

When working with guest blogging, it’s important to create and maintain connections to build an alliance that will benefit both parties. Participate in discussions in the comment section of your guest post; there always are questions that need an answer, who knows, maybe you’ll have the chance to discuss about an affiliate marketing for dummies book. Share new blog posts of your guest blog target and link to high quality content of your guest blog from your site’s existent content.

In conclusion

Guest posts on other blogs is an effective and easy way to drive your site to success and get great exposure. By doing that, your site will earn great back links regularly and your online branding presence will be improved. More traffic, more leads, more money for you, the affiliate!