Affiliate marketing for dummies: How social media helps SEO

Having the name of your site appear on the first page of Google’s search results is a great goal to have. You will enjoy that victory even more if you manage to achieve it without spending any money on ads. The great news is that there actually is a way in which you can do such a thing! The answer is very simple but it can’t be found in the affiliate marketing for dummies books: combine your social media strategy with your SEO strategy! We’ll show you how to do it!Many of the best affiliate sites use these social media tactics. Would you adhere to them?

Social media and SEO are best friends

Google started indexing tweets and Twitter accounts into its search results (read more about it in this article) and this was a game changer for everyone who uses this social media platform. This change was not predicted or included in the affiliate marketing for dummies books about how to use social media platforms to you advantage. How can you adapt to it? How can you get your Twitter account to the top of the tops?

These are the four things your Twitter account should have, in order to make it to the top of Google’s search results:

  1. A good amount of followers who provide social proof of people who are genuinely interested in the account;
  2. The right search terms in the bio;
  3. A sizable number of other people actively talking about your Twitter account;
  4. A sizable number of other people who not only talk about your account, but also mention it in conjunction with a search term.

How to get to the top?

First of all, learn all you can find about the market you’re entering in the affiliate marketing for dummies books and, then, use Google’s keyword planner to figure out the search terms with which you want to be associated and make sure they are in your Twitter bio. Moving on to the next step, make sure you are building up a steady stream of new followers by tweeting frequently and consistently (Here you can read when it’s best to tweet!). Don’t just broadcast, but engage with your followers and potential followers to get people talking to and about your Twitter account.

When you do talk about your brand on Twitter, make sure you’re using the key search terms you want to own and make your own. It’s a combination of luck and skill that will help you get followers echoing the sentiment, building a trail for Google to follow.

In conclusion

Social media helps SEO, so don’t hesitate to optimize your profiles, post frequently and engage with your followers! Last, but not least, update your knowledge about the market you activate in by reading the affiliate marketing for dummies books!