Affiliate marketing for dummies: How to get better engagement on social media

As you already know, social media channels are extremely important to any activity that’s conducted online. Social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter help you promote your work and reach a wide audience. If a viewer is satisfied with the content you have to offer, your rate of investment will be great. Still, social media is not working by itself. It’s not all about placing a link to your site and waiting patiently for visitors. This affiliate marketing for dummies article will show you what you can do to get better engagement on your social outlets.

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Affiliate marketing for dummies: Better engagement

Engagement is the key element on Facebook or Twitter. In this case, more is always better! The first thing you should know is that people, in general, love variety. They also love to see images on Facebook. So, offer them that: variety and awesome photos. The photos you upload should be interesting enough to capture their attention and make them stop and read your content. Use a simple, short text, because no one has enough patience to read something complicated. Everything is on fats forwards these days. You have little time to capture their attention, use that time well! If they like your copy, they will perform the action you want them to.

Affiliate marketing for dummies: Key elements to get people engaged

  • Important details;
  • Information about the location;
  • Ask them questions to get them to listen to you;
  • Information about the content;
  • Use applicable hashtags on Twitter;
  • Basically, use anything that will make people to interact, watch and pay attention to you.

Only a small percentage of your followers actually see what you post. If you’re not boosting your posts, only a few actually see your posts in their feed. The ones that enter your affiliate blog by their own are the organic audience. This is the most precious audience because you didn’t pay Facebook to get them to see your content.

Affiliate marketing for dummies in a notch

Once you got visitors to visit your affiliate site, watch their behavior on Google Analytics. These statistics will reveal the behavior that users have while on your site. You’ll see where they come from, where they spend most time and where they didn’t find something interesting. These important details will show insight information about your audience. Use the information to improve your affiliate site and offer your visitors what they like. Once you do this, you’ll have returning visitors, which is awesome for your affiliate blog!