Affiliate marketing for dummies: how to use hashtags on Instagram

Some are annoyed by it, while some already integrated them into their online posts. We’re talking about the infamous hashtags, then “#” that revolutionized the keywords. They are very useful for anyone who uses them in their marketing strategy, the only condition being that they are used correctly. This affiliate marketing for dummies guide on hashtags will teach you everything you need to know about using the “#” on Instagram.

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It matters

Instagram is a good territory for affiliate marketing. In numbers, the popular social media channel has over 400 million users, an average of 80 million photos posted each day and 3.5 billion likes on average on any given day. The secret of all these staggering numbers is simple: the hashtags! Instagram is a place where they really matter and it seems that accounts with fewer than 1,000 followers that use 11 hashtags on the description of one photo get an average of 77.66 interactions per post.

This affiliate marketing for dummies article on hashtags is here to tell you that these symbols matter as they help you reach a wider audience and increase your followers. Additionally, you can perform market research on your competition and get in touch with people who have specific interests.

How to use hashtags as an affiliate

  • Popularity. Instagram has plenty of popular themes that you can adapt to you profile. You can consider the following themes: #TBT – Throwback Tuesday, #motivationalmonday or #followfriday;
  • Quotes. Quotes are in the core of popularity all over the internet. You can use them on Instagram with some of these hashtags: #quoteohtheday or #instaquote;
  • Use trends. Probably one of the most important tip coming from this affiliate marketing for dummies article is that popular hashtags are a good way to develop an Instagram database and increase the number of followers. To do that, use some of the most popular hashtags that are always trending on the social platform: #instalike or #phooohtheday;
  • Get traffic for your affiliate blog. Affiliate blogging can easily be promoted on Instagram. All you need to do is to use the dedicated hashtags for it. Here is what you should be on the lookout for: #newblogpost, #blogging and #instablogger.

Wrapping things up

In addition to these hashtags, you are free to experiment with other hashtags. In the same time, keep an eye open for new hashtag trends that you can use with your content. Like always, the best affiliate marketing for dummies guide is the experience you obtain by using Instagram. #goodluck.