Back to Basics: The What’s, Why’s and How’s of Affiliate Marketing

We have published several articles on how to make your affiliate business work, be successful and keep it going as the time goes by.  But we decided to stop for a minute and go by the basics of the Affiliate Marketing concepts, for those of you who are considering this type of relationship for the very first time, and why not? for those of you who have already started but who could use a bit of basic concepts revising.  It never hurts right?

With a series of articles that we will develop in the course of the following weeks we are sure you will be able to understand the basics and enjoy even more your new business venture, and able to see results faster as well.

Affiliation Marketing: What?

Affiliate Marketing is a new form of online business that represents a win-win situation for both parties.

It involves a relationship between a website and an online merchant, which through a series of Internet marketing tools speaks to specific market niches in order to meet certain business goals.

Whatever you can imagine is possible through affiliate marketing. Position a product, re-launch a brand, increase sales or increase exposure thanks to the support of a bigger brand such as the merchant’s, affiliate marketing is simply a wonderful symbiotic tool used nowadays in the huge online world.

Affiliation Marketing: How?

It is actually quite simple.  You -as the website- grant us -the online merchant- space to place advertising in your website, address a specific market niche and sell our product, and we both enjoy a percentage of the revenues of such shared efforts. Yes, it is a great idea.  That is why so many website owners have joined in this business idea, and become affiliate websites to one business or another.

For virtually no effort, any affiliate website with a previously set network, can help the merchant expose it’s product, sell it or generate traffic in or towards the merchant’s website, and in this process generate income for themselves.

There’s no selling or promotion of any kind. The affiliate can just sit back and wait for the profits to start coming in. The merchant generates its own advertising, and worries about the product. The affiliate website is a channel.

Think about it!

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the best ways to earn money online today.  If this is something you wish to pursue, and if you have a website addressing online bingo games, we invite you to visit our website for further information or contact us directly.  We will be glad to expose the benefits of such relationship.

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