Color up your online business!

Color up your online business!Marketing is evolving so fast lately that the best results lay in the details, especially when having an online business, and the visual aspect of your website should be the main focus. So, let’s start with the basics: the colors!

Why are colors important?

Because each one has its own meaning and psychological effect, creating specific moods that you would want to associate with your website. Colors can express energy, serenity and even communicate elegance.

Since the goal is a tasteful, balanced and effective web design, we’re going to share some useful quick tips with all of you. They will help you out whether you are redesigning your site, creating a new one or looking for better conversions through landing pages and banners!

Can colors affect my traffic?

The right color schemes and fonts can truly help improving your conversion rate and even lower your bounce rate! What they do is unconsciously persuade your readers to focus on specific actions. Internet users tend to gravitate around images and colored text, highlighted headlines or simply feel more secure about a site that has a professional design and a relaxing color palette that easily lets them find the information they’re looking for.

Use of the most widespread effect: Von Restorff

This is a simple but effective technique: it creates an isolation effect inside any group of elements from your site. In other words, by using this technique, what you basically do is make some information stand out from the rest of your content, with the proper use of colors. This way it’s more likely this information will be clicked or at least noticed, compared to the rest of the links or buttons you might be providing in the same page.

You can see below a great example of the Von Restorff effect on Rich Casino’s homepage, where green stands out perfectly in the black-golden-white color scheme.

The Von Restorff effect on Rich Casino’s homepage

Ready? Set… Go! And choose your action color!

Unlike passive colors, action ones are used exclusively to those words or phrases you want your visitors to click most. Be faithful to the color you choose and don’t use many variations of your palette, as you want to “train” your readers to instantly spot the focus points of your landing page! Whatever your choice, the action color has to pop! Here you can see exactly how the blue colored words Bingo Hall uses get all the attention:

 Action color on Bingo Hall

We wouldn’t recommend using the isolation effect to get your visitors’ attention through one of your banner ads though, because you might get the exact opposite result. However, when writing reviews for the sites you promote, emphasize on the important key words that will lead your visitors to sign up!

Finding the right color scheme for your website

Now that we have the technique part settled, let’s move on to the color options. Each color can trigger emotions and reactions to your visitors, therefore a balanced and well thought color scheme on your site and landing pages is a must-have!

For example, blue reflects calm, trust, conservatism and loyalty, red is for power, passion and excitement, gray gives a sense of security, reliability and intelligence, pink is for tenderness, acceptance and calm and green is for good luck, renewal, and, generosity. Having a combination of blue and orange in your web design will express professionalism and trust, giving more energy and warmth to your content.

Call-to-action buttons

As for your call-to-action buttons, don’t neglect their color to focus just on size and placement. Pick a complementary color, relevant to your color scheme, as follows:

  • A contrasting, brighter color to make smaller buttons stand out more and be in the spotlight;
  • A less distinct, prominent color to make oversized buttons fit in better with the rest of the design.

Be faithful to your color palette

Believe it or not, appearance and design both influence purchase at an extraordinary rate, therefore being loyal to your color scheme not only raises conversions, but helps you build recognition and awareness. This infographic on “How do colors affect purchase” is very enlightening; you should give it a look!

There is no perfect solution and color combination, as colors are so subjective and every business has its own personality. See if you can find your inspiration from Colour Lovers, where you will find interesting creative ideas on color palettes.

Re-designing your website can feel like a big challenge, but if big brands can pull it off without losing their target audience on the way, you can do it better! Give this process a reasonable amount of thought and consideration, especially if you’re starting a new online business. We can all agree that, in marketing, colors are not only a matter of taste, but of brand awareness and efficiency.

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