Colors that influence the sales! What’s your favorite?

It’s common knowledge that colors influence the customer’s behavior. This happens because certain colors “wake” certain emotions and marketers use colors to trigger the response they want from the customers. Of course that even the wealthy affiliates use this basic marketing trick to make visitors perform the action they want. You can call it manipulation, you can call it smart marketing, but one thing’s for sure: people do react in a certain way when they see a certain color.

Colors used by the wealthy affiliates to generate sales

The power of color

The colors have a big influence on sales. A certain color can be the single reason why a customer makes a purchase. It’s proven that 93% of buyers focus solely on visual appearance and a staggering number of 85% of buyers say that color was their primary reason for purchase. All wealthy affiliates know how to speculate this and are very successful in using the colors to their advantage.

The colors fall into two categories: Primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and secondary colors (purple, green and orange). The secondary colors are created by using the primary colors: red and blue create purple, blue and yellow create green; red and yellow create orange. Now let’s see how colors influence the customers and how the wealthy affiliates use them:


We’ll start with a non-color: Black! It is serious, noticeable, exciting, both modern and traditional. It’s associated with authority, power, stability and strength. Used as a contrasting color, black adds a good amount of dramatism to the mood you want to create.


Another non-color, white is pure, clean and safe. A white space increases creativity because is perceived as an unaltered territory, ready to be conquered! White can also be used to project the absence of color or neutrality.


Blue indicates something cool and most wealthy affiliates use this color in their work. It is the color that has the most masculinity out of all. It is associated with water, tranquility, peace and reliability. Blue also creates confidence. To get the best results from this color, use it in combination with complimentary colors.


Red is power, red is passion, red is force! This color knows how to get people’s attention and it never goes unnoticed. Red is the most used color in marketing and is very common on the websites of the wealthy affiliates. This color creates a sense of urgency, encourages appetite, stimulates the body, and raises blood pressure and heart rate. One simple advice: don’t overuse it!


Green is associated with nature, power, health and tranquility. It gives people a relaxing feeling and it is used to encourage a balance that leads to a decision. This is the color of money!


This is a powerful color! Yellow is the most dangerous hue! It can be used to demand attention and to show that you are confident in what you promote. Although it’s perceived as a cheerful, optimistic color, it’s a little known fact that yellow can make babies cry!


Another cheerful color that is associated with energy. Orange has the “look at me!” factor. Orange is fun, orange is cool. Customers associate it with a cutting-edge identity. Most of the wealthy affiliates use a little bit of orange in their marketing plan.


The color of royalty, wisdom and respect! Purple stimulates creativity and it can help solve problems. By using purple you will give your marketing materials a touch of elegance and prestige. Most often, purple is used in the beauty industry to promote anti-aging products.

The end of the rainbow

There are many ways that you can use colors to help increase your sales. Find the right one for you and enjoy the benefits of the visual! By the way, what is your favorite color?