Email Marketing and the Best Mailing Service Out There!

Email Marketing and the Best Mailing Service Out ThereIt’s no surprise that more and more companies decide to integrate email marketing in their strategies, since any marketer knows how effective such campaigns can really be! Email has the ability to send valuable and personalized messages at an incredible large scale, helping your business reach the exact audience.

But why is a mailing service so important? How will you decide which of the hundreds of mailing service providers is the right one for your affiliate business? And what exactly is the deal with all those different pricing plans?

Part I: Email Marketing and the Importance of a Good Mailing Service

Since you’ve been asking us for advice and for some tips on mailing services, we’ve prepared a short set of articles that will cover all these questions you’re having on email marketing. We’ll also recommend you some really good providers we’ve been working with ourselves!

Benefits of Mailing

We have thought of a list with the biggest benefits that mailing has for affiliates. These 10 entries are not even close to covering all the existing advantages, but let’s start with the most important ones for your affiliate marketing business:

  1. Mailing reduces the time and effort you’ll have to invest when reaching your target audience. It’s really simple and anyone can implement it for their business, while being a very interactive way of communicating and advertising;
  2. You can contact your subscribers in real-time, letting them know of any exclusive offers in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that global reach is one extremely important advantage!
  3. It gives you the possibility of personalizing your messages, thus standing out from your competitors. There’s also a fast response from your subscribers, which facilitates a more frequent communication between you and them;
  4. By using a mailing service you’ll have the possibility to segment the information about your subscribers, and personalize your database specifically for your affiliate business;
  5. Email marketing through a mailing service is a great way to test different marketing messages and headlines until you’re pleased with the click-through and opening rates. Moreover, the results are measurable so you can easily fulfill your strategy’s marketing goals;
  6. Mailing has an exponentially better ability than any other ways of communicating, to track results, sales and your subscribers’ engagement. Knowing as much as possible about their consumer behavior will help you select the best casino or bingo offers and bonus deals;
  7. If you’re using a good mailing service, you can offer your readers the option to subscribe/unsubscribe from your mailing list at any time in a matter of seconds, thus giving your business a more professional and secure reputation;
  8. Another great thing about email marketing is its power of spreading the information! Not only directly, when you email your subscribers, but also indirectly when they decide to share with their peers the news! That is why it’s essential to communicate quality information and be consistent and coherent with your marketing strategy;
  9. Compared to direct mailing, when reaching thousands of people, email marketing is almost free. You completely reduce costs, since there’s no need for dedicated employees, advertising, marketing specialists, printing the materials and afterwards shipping them.
  10. You’re saving the Planet! Social responsibility is becoming essential for any business. You’re being green while having so many benefits from email marketing!

The Importance of a Good Mailing Service

How many times did your emails hit your subscribers’ Spam/Bulk folder instead of their Inbox? Reaching current readers and prospective new clients is the main challenge all affiliate business owners have. Luckily, there is a great solution for this persisting problem, if you’re willing to pay a small amount of money: ESP!

Mailing services, also called ESP (Email Service Providers) offer you professional solutions for your marketing needs, such as secured and fast email delivery for your email marketing campaigns.

Online agencies like 1nman can help you convert your inactive subscribers into active ones, which leads to bigger revenue! Make sure to read our next blog post to get your hands on a really great discount deal they offer to Revenue Giants affiliates exclusively!

Using a mailing service will not only let you organize and segment your database, plan campaigns and personalize your mailers, but it also offers you great reporting! A marketing strategy isn’t worth much if you don’t analyze the campaign’s results, meaning comparing email opening rates, click-through rates, the number of new subscribers and unsubscribers, how many social shares a specific mailer got and so on.

Of course those great mailing results strongly depend on the quality of your content as well! If your subject line is short, relevant and attractive, your email will get opened; if your first paragraph is distinctive and intriguing, your email will get read; and if your call to action text and design is smart, you’ll get clicks, sign ups, shares, anything you ask your subscribers to do next!

All that’s left now is choosing the right mailing service that can represent the perfect solution for your affiliate business! But about this particular topic we’ll discuss in Part II of our article series!

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